Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Says New Song is About Trump — Claims Former President Left People With ‘PTSD’

Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder says that the band’s new song is about former President Donald Trump and claims his presidency left “most thoughtful people” with PTSD.

The acoustic political song is titled “Wreckage” and is featured on Pearl Jam’s new album “Dark Matter.”

“There is a guy in the United States who is still saying he didn’t lose an election, and people are reverberating and amplifying that message as if it is true,” Vedder told The Times.

The musician continued, “Trump is desperate. I don’t think there has ever been a candidate more desperate to win, just to keep himself out of prison and to avoid bankruptcy. It is all on the line, and he’s out there playing the victim — at least they’re doing this to me, because if not they would be doing it to you — but you haven’t falsified your tax records. You don’t have classified information in your basement. So the song is saying, let’s not be driven apart by one person, especially not a person without any worthy causes.”

The interviewer noted, “Perhaps Trump’s time is passing” — even though he is the Republican presidential nominee and leading many polls.

“I can’t wait,” Vedder said. “Most thoughtful people are going through a bit of PTSD about it now, so maybe you’re right.”

Lyrics to the anti-Trump tune include:

Oh, visited by thoughts and not just in the night
That I no longer give a f-ck who is wrong and who’s right
This game of winner takes all and all means nothing left
Spoils go the victor and the other left for dead

Uh-huh, combing through the wreckage
Holding out, holding on
Combing through the wreckage


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