National Public Radio Insider Explains How the Organization Went Full-Activist After Trump’s 2016 Election (VIDEO)

National Public Radio is a liberal organization. Everyone knows this. What you may not know is that after Trump won the 2016 election, they went from liberal to full-on activist with a mission to damage Trump as much as possible.

They pushed the Russia collusion hoax and latched onto Rep. Adam Schiff, giving him another platform to push his lies.

They also famously refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story, calling it a non-news story.

One insider has come forward to tell all.

From the Free Press:

Like many unfortunate things, the rise of advocacy took off with Donald Trump. As in many newsrooms, his election in 2016 was greeted at NPR with a mixture of disbelief, anger, and despair. (Just to note, I eagerly voted against Trump twice but felt we were obliged to cover him fairly.) But what began as tough, straightforward coverage of a belligerent, truth-impaired president veered toward efforts to damage or topple Trump’s presidency.

Persistent rumors that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia over the election became the catnip that drove reporting. At NPR, we hitched our wagon to Trump’s most visible antagonist, Representative Adam Schiff.

Schiff, who was the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, became NPR’s guiding hand, its ever-present muse. By my count, NPR hosts interviewed Schiff 25 times about Trump and Russia. During many of those conversations, Schiff alluded to purported evidence of collusion. The Schiff talking points became the drumbeat of NPR news reports.

Watch him speak to Bari Weiss below:

This is a taxpayer funded news outlet.

Maybe it’s time to revisit the issue of their funding.

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