MUST SEE: O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers who is Really Running the White House – Special Advisor Reveals That Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Are Still Involved Behind The Scenes! (VIDEO)

Tyler Robinson, a special advisor at the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), recently revealed to an O’Keefe Media Group undercover journalist the inner workings of the Biden Administration and who is really running the White House.

Robinson says he reports to Arthur Plews, SBA Chief of Staff, who reports to SBA Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman.

He revealed that some refer to former Facebook board member and Biden Chief of Staff Jeff Zients as “the second most powerful person in Washington” and that “by getting Jeff’s sign off, you’re getting the President to sign off.”

“Whatever this guy says, it’s what the President says,” Robinson told an undercover journalist. Robinson also said Jeff Zients is the most powerful person at the White House, “other than like the President.” Zients is even more powerful than Kamala Harris “in some ways” but “not legally,” according to Robinson.

Zeints’ approval for activity within the Administration includes his sign-off on activity that potentially violates the Hatch Act, which prevents federal employees from taking part in partisan activity or influencing an election. Robinson says that SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman indirectly campaigns for Joe Biden and helps to get Democrats elected in Congress. “Pretty much every week, she goes somewhere in the country… We can tell their accomplishments; she can’t like go on a stage and be like, ‘Hey, vote for Joe Biden.’ Like that’s illegal,” said Robinson.

“Any time we go [to a state], we try to visit with a Member of Congress, if they’re a Democrat… because then we can help them get reelected as well. So we’re going to Montana because Senator Tester, he’s the Democratic Senator from Montana, like he’s in a tough reelection race, and that’s like a seat we need in the Senate to maintain a majority.” Robinson added, “We all, like as an office, were going, and the White House was like, ‘yes, go. Invite Senator Tester. Don’t invite the other Senator because he’s a Republican, and don’t invite the two members of Congress because they’re Republicans.'” He then confirmed that the White House authorized the SBA to campaign for this Senator.

Robinson also revealed that Biden’s shadow cabinet of advisors, which includes Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. According to Robinson, Hillary Clinton is close to people in the White House, such as Director of the Domestic Policy Council Neera Tanden, a former employee of Hillary Clinton, and uses them to influence policy. “She does a lot of the international stuff… They have like the Clinton Initiative,” he added.

Recall that O’Keefe previously exposed another White House official who admitted that Joe Biden’s mental health is in decline and that there are closed-door discussions about how to remove Kamala Harris from the 2024 ticket without stirring a “scandal” and giving poor optics to the American people.

O’Keefe Goes Undercover: White House Official Gives Tell All on Behind the Scenes Discussions Surrounding Joe Biden’s Mental Health Decline & Kamala Harris’ Unpopularity Within the Administration – “What They Can’t Say Publicly”

Now we know who’s running the White House behind Joe Biden’s rapidly declining ability.

Watch below via James O’Keefe:

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Uncovers who is really running the White House. Undercover cameras catch Special Advisor @SBAgov call former @facebook Board Member @WHCOS @ZientsJeff27574 “the second most powerful person in Washington” where “whatever this guy says, it’s what the President says.” Asked by OMG’s American Swiper Citizen Journalist “is Jeff [Zeints] more powerful than Kamala,” Robinson confirms “Yeah.” @VP @KamalaHarris. Robinson also states that @BarackObama and @HillaryClinton are still involved behind the scenes at the White House.

Tyler Robinson, Special Advisor to the Chief of Staff of Administrator @SBAIsabel Guzman, details how @WhiteHouse directs @SBAIsabel Guzman to campaign for @POTUS so constantly that “[Guzman] is the most traveled member of the cabinet. Like pretty much every week.” Under the guise of talking to small business owners, Guzman travels across the country to help elect Democrats – especially swing state Democrats like @SenatorTester: “The White House was like, yes, go. Invite Senator Tester. Don’t invite the other Senator because he’s a Republican. And don’t invite the two members of Congress because they’re Republicans.” Such actions may be considered potential violations of the Hatch Act, which restricts federal employees from taking an active part in partisan political management and forbids them from campaigning for or against candidates.

Robinson says Guzman acts “as a spokesperson for Biden” as “…we try to visit with a member of Congress if they’re a Democrat…Just because then we can help them get re-elected as well.” @US_OSC @JudicialWatch

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