Lid Called After 81-Year-Old Biden Shuffles Back Into White House from Beach Vacation as Iran Attacks Israel (Video)

Joe Biden returned to the White House Saturday afternoon after abruptly canceling his weekend at the beach in Delaware to deal with the attack on Israel by Iran. Shortly after Biden arrived at the Oval Office the White House called a travel/photo lid.

C-SPAN video shows the 81-year-old Biden shuffling the short distance from the driveway to the Oval Office. Reporters were kept far away from Biden.

Independent reporter Andrew Leyden posted photos he took of Biden as his motorcade approached the White House that show a stern-faced Biden in the back of the Secret Service vehicle driven from Joint Base Andrews after he flew back from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Biden arrived at the Oval Office at 5:02 p.m. EDT with no plans to address the nation. Reporters were kept far away so they could not question Biden. Biden is set meet with his national security team in the Situation Room. Note: Kamala Harris is spending the weekend in Los Angeles with her husband and is participating in the meeting via remote.

Lid called:

“White House called a travel/photo lid at 5:13pm.”

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