Landmark Shift Against Gender Ideology: Sex Defined as Biological Sex

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‘A return to common sense and an overdue recognition that women’s well-being and safety matter’

The transgender agenda, the belief that men can simply say they are women and they are women, has hit headwinds with a new decision by the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

A report in the Telegraph explains that the organization that serves the health care concerns of millions has proposed a definition change that states sex is a matter of biology.

The report noted that’s a “landmark shift against gender ideology.”

The change means, among other things, that men who claim to be women now are banned from women-only wards, and women have the right to request a female physician for intimate care.

The changes are coming as part of an update to the organization’s constitution that is required to be reviewed every 10 years, and last was done in 2015.

Women’s groups for years had expressed concern that the service had fallen victim to “gender ideology” promoters. It was only a few years ago that NHS guidance said transgender individuals could be placed in single-sex wards based on what they claimed to be.

But now the new constitution change states: “We are defining sex as biological sex.”

The women’s groups said the move is a “return to common sense and an overdue recognition that women’s wellbeing and safety matter.”

There have been battles in the United Kingdom, like in the United States, over the ideology that sex is changeable as a man or woman desires. However, being male or female is embedded in the human body down to the DNA level and doesn’t change, despite whatever chemicals may be administered or what mutilating surgeries done.

In the U.S., Joe Biden has adopted the agenda as one of the major goals for his term as president, and has been busy rewriting rules and regulations to promote his beliefs.

The report explained, “The proposed changes will also see discrimination requirements updated, with the word gender replaced with sex.”

And it noted, “The document also places a duty on health providers to use ‘clear terms’ to communicate and take account of biological differences. It follows pledges from ministers to stop NHS trusts using terms like ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘people who give birth.'”

Maya Forstater, chief executive of Sex Matters, told the Telegraph, “It is excellent news that the NHS constitution is being revised to put ‘sex’ in its rightful place – at the heart of principle 1, which sets out that the NHS must treat everyone with equality and respect for their human rights. The confusion between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ in official policies like the NHS constitution is what has enabled women’s rights to be trampled over in the name of transgender identities.”

Just the News noted that the NHS constitution is what sets out the principles and values of the service, and rights of patients and staff.

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