Joe Scarborough and Mika Panicked That Pro-Hamas College Campus Protests Will Get Trump Elected (VIDEO)

Joe Scarborough and Mika of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ had a recent meltdown over the insane protests happening on college campuses, because they’re worried that these displays are going to help elect Trump.

They might have a point. People are sick and tired of the left’s behavior and have noticed that the left riots whether Democrats win or not. If they’re going to behave this way no matter the outcome, they will be ignored and more people will back Trump for the economic benefits to the country.

Joe talks about the many similarities to 1968, when the Democrats lost big.

RedState has details:

Oh Noes! Joe Scarborough Frets That Ongoing Pro-Hamas Demonstrations Will ‘Elect Donald Trump!’

Is Joe concerned about Jewish students at Columbia University who are afraid to leave their apartments? Is he concerned about the potential for violence? Is he worried about the disruption of classes?

Nope, none of the above.

What really worries Scarborough is that the failure of left-wing university administrators to quell the demonstrations might lead to the election of the Devil’s spawn —Donald Trump — in November.

Oh, the humanity!

Mika kicked off the festivities on Monday’s edition of “Morning Joe.”

Ahead, the latest on the protests over Gaza that are spreading to more and more college campuses.

And, we’re going to have an exclusive, first look at Forbes’ list of the new Ivies, universities who are poised to replace the elite institutions, in part because of their handling of the protest. It is a much bigger story…

And I’ve got to say, just the absolute weakness of the administration, the cowardice of the administration, and, unfortunately, on these elite colleges, having people that are now running these elite colleges on faculty boards that, that, that burned down college campuses in the 1960s, that were responsible for the election in part of Richard Nixon in 1968 because of the chaos on college campuses, because of the chaos in Chicago.

Watch the clip below:

Joe and Mika have basically become cheerleaders for Biden. If they’re worried, that’s a good thing.


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