Jill Biden Loses it When Journalist Suggests Joe is Losing in the Battleground States: ‘No, He’s Not!’ (VIDEO)

Jill Biden appeared on CBS Mornings this week and got a little testy when one of the hosts brought up her husband’s awful poll numbers.

Lots of polls right now show Trump leading Biden in most, if not all, of the battleground states.

Doctor Jill didn’t want to hear it.

RedState has details:

Joe Biden hasn’t been on such a live show in a very long time, likely because his campaign can’t trust that it wouldn’t be a complete disaster. Jill Biden went on CBS on Wednesday morning but was only on to surprise the person selected to be Teacher of the Year. But even in that limited capacity, she had some of her own problems while she was on the show and the panel asked her a real question about the presidential race.

One of the people on the CBS panel asked what was it like in the White House when polls like the Wall Street Journal’s new one land in the White House and he’s “losing in all the battleground states.” That’s when Jill Biden snapped at him claiming that wasn’t true.

“No, he’s not losing in all the battleground states. He’s coming up. And he’s even or doing better,” she claimed. “You know what? Once people start to focus in and they see their two choices, it’s obvious that Joe will win this election.”

Watch the video below:

Jill sounds rather desperate in that clip, doesn’t she?

Someone ought to show her the latest data once she has had a chance to calm down.


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