Hungarian and Polish Farmers Battling Cheap Unregulated Ukrainian Grain – Orbán Is Implementing Agricultural Protections but Tusk Prioritizes Helping Kiev

The great European Farmers’ Revolt is still ongoing, with agricultural producers mobilizing in an unprecedented scale in most countries.

The demands from the food producers is pretty much the same all over, and it centers around the failed, crippling green environmental policies, emanating from Brussels, that threaten their subsistence and may also cause food insecurity and a major manufactured famine.

But some countries have an additional sticking beef: the cheap, low quality unregulated Ukrainian grain flowing through their borders.

This week, two of its neighbors, Hungary and Poland, saw developments in the battle against this economic invasion.

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The conservative, nationalist government of Hungary is already moving on its own to try to protect its farming sector, but the new Globalist and Eurofanatic Polish government is still dragging its feet on the issue.

Hungary will place additional restrictions on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products, trying to shield Hungarian farmers from market fluctuations caused by cheaper Ukrainian imports.

Associated Press reported:

“Agricultural Minister István Nagy told a news conference that a 2022 European Union decision to allow for duty-free imports from Ukraine, meant to help keep its economy afloat after Russia’s invasion, had led to ‘severe oversupply and significantly low prices’ in the European agricultural market.

He blamed the EU and its executive commission for failing to protect European farmers who could not compete with the cheaper imports, and said Hungary would pass additional protections ‘in its national competence’.”

‘Brussels and the European Commission have betrayed Hungarian farmers and are supporting Ukrainian oligarchs instead’, Nagy said.”

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Hungary has not provided weapons to Kyiv or allowed their transfer across its eastern border, is against sanctions on Moscow and fiercely opposed EU financial assistance to Kiev.

Processed products made from Ukrainian grain would also be subject to the restrictions.

“Hungary last year introduced a ban on the import of 24 Ukrainian agricultural products, but said it would allow their transfer across its territory. The ban applied to grains, oil seeds, flour, cooking oil and several meat products. The government removed Ukrainian natural honey from the list last month.”

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Not far from there, in Poland’s Subcarpathia province, right on the Ukraine border, farmers are still protesting, blocking the main highways out of the city of Mielec with tractors and other agricultural machinery.

During previous protests, farmers only slowed down these routes, but now it appears to be an escalating total block.

Sputnik reported:

“’The government eats and has fun, and farmers go bankrupt’, ‘Stop Ukrainian imports’, ‘Stop the EU Green Deal’, ‘Stop restrictions on livestock breeding in Poland’ – the protesters’ banners read.

Farmers have begun protesting in the central Polish city of Lodz. The protesters have brought large agricultural equipment, mostly tractors, into the city, blocking several major intersections.  

‘I am a farmer, not a slave’, ‘Stop agricultural products from Ukraine’, ‘No farmers. No food. No future’, are some of the slogans of today’s protests.”

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