Hairy-Chested Trans Mayor in California Faces Recall Amid Rampant Homelessness and Crime — Blames Effort to ‘Transphobic Bullies’

Credit: Calexico Mayor Raul Ureña/Facebook

Calexico Mayor Raul Ureña, 26, is now facing a significant political backlash as the city grapples with social issues. After his transition following a 2022 re-election victory, Mayor Ureña has become the subject of a recall vote.

Ureña, 26, who openly embraces all pronouns with a preference for “she,” has notably shifted his office attire from traditional suits to low-cut dresses, proudly showcasing a still-hairy chest and declaring himself “sexy as hell,” New York Post reported.

Under his leadership, the city of Calexico has experienced rampant crime rates and the emergence of homeless encampments that have left the downtown area in distress.

Residents and business owners have expressed distress over the deteriorating conditions downtown, former Calexico mayor Maritza Hurtado, who is leading the charge against Ureña and Manzanarez wrote on her Facebook account, “I met another Calexico Downtown business owner yesterday who showed me these videos and with tears in her eyes asked, “What can we do?” These videos show two people in front of her store who are hunched over in a “zombie state” and frozen for a half hour! She got no help from the city. I told her, “We are going to organize and push for a safer downtown TOGETHER.” I honor all my fellow downtown merchants who are struggling thru this nightmare situation, We have work to do! Vote YES on Recall!!! Vote SI.”

The collective outcry has led to a vigorous campaign advocating for the recall of both Mayor Ureña and her key ally, City Councilman Gilberto Manzanarez, citing their failure to address the downtown’s decline and alleged incidents of public indecency and intoxication.

Former Calexico mayor Alex Perrone said, “I hold very truly to our constitutional rights… and he’s taking that away from us. “If you go to a council meeting, and you say something contrary to his beliefs, to his agenda, you’re his enemy.”

Former city council member Morris Reisin said, “They misuse the funds. They don’t spend the money the way they are supposed to. They want to put 300 beds for migrant workers downtown. We don’t want the migrant workers downtown. We have to fix downtown, we have to save downtown,” said Reisin.

In response, Ureña has pointed to transphobia as the driving force behind the recall, noting the personal attacks and share of photos meant to discredit her. “Predictable transphobia,” Ureña labeled the campaign.

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