“The Food is No Good at All” – African Illegals at NYC City Council Complain About Free Food and Housing (VIDEO)

African illegals at a New York City Council meeting complained about the free (taxpayer-funded) food and housing provided to them.

More than 1,300 illegal aliens from Africa swarmed New York City Hall on Tuesday after they were falsely promised work visas and green cards.

The illegals were lined up outside of New York City Hall as far as the eye could see.

Africans in Islamic garb swarmed the sidewalk.

Many of them are from Guinea and entered the US through the Mexican border.


According to the New York Post, only 250 of the illegals were allowed at the Tuesday morning hearing.

All they did was complain about the freebies given to them.

“The food is no good at all. You give us two months to stay at the shelter and then you have to go out again with your luggage and your kids and find another place. It’s very difficult,” one of the illegals said.


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