“Die MAGA Die” – New York Democrat Congressional Candidate Slammed for Wishing Death on All Trump Supporters

New York Democrat congressional candidate Nate McMurray wished death on Trump supporters on Saturday in a post on X.

McMurray is running to represent New York’s 26th congressional district – and Ukraine.

The unhinged Democrat posted the death wish to social media after the House of Representatives passed a foreign aid package that allocated billions of dollars to Ukraine and Israel.

Lawmakers waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor which angered many conservatives.

McMurray wished death on Trump supporters after the America last bill passed the House.

“Slava Ukraine. Die MAGA die. You lose,”

McMurray continued his childish tirade against Trump supporters on Sunday.

“Listen, I’m not trying to antagonize MAGA, but I refuse to let them strong-arm us into silence. Too many Democrats are out there, timid. That’s why the reaction to me is always so strong. Because they’re not used Democrats being bald (sic) in their territory,” McMurray said.

“This MAGA movement preys on folks who are often scared and not the most informed, twisting their legitimate worries into racism, xenophobia, and outright paranoia. You’ve got to call it out, loud and clear to save them from themselves—that’s my mantra. There’s a better way. I make sure they hear it,” he said.

Nate McMurray also taunted Trump supporters in a video posted to social media.


Conservatives slammed McMurray.

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