Democrat Senator Tim Kaine Downplays Violent Anti-Israel Protests on College Campuses (VIDEO)

Democrat Senator Tim Kaine was on NBCs “Meet the Press” with moderator Kristen Welker on Sunday to discuss the chaos on college campuses.

“He (Speaker Mike Johnson) said that the National Guard should be called in. Is that something you would support?” Welker asked Senator Kaine.

“I think that would be a very, very bad idea. I think there are other ways, using campus security, but also again, offering students more opportunity to have dialogue that is civil and constructive where people hear one another,” Kaine said.


Although civility is always preferrable, the agitators on many of these college campuses pose a threat to people’s safety in addition to interrupting the learning process.

Footage at University of Indiana last week.


“Do you think the Biden administration, the President has a role to play in this moment in addressing what we are seeing on these college campuses,” Welker asked.

“People have a right to protest and make their views known and almost you know overwhelming percentages of people do that peacefully. But there are those that intimidate and harass others,” Kaine continued.

“Hold up some examples of colleges in the country and I think there are a number of them, where discussions about difficult topics, like Israel and Gaza are happening but happening in a way that really can be a model where people can express their points of view,” Kaine said regarding Biden administration’s role.


Despite Senator Kaine’s claim that the “overwhelming percentages” of protestors are peaceful, the actions of those on many college campuses say otherwise.

The police on the campus of ASU were tearing down tents put up by agitators last week.


Cal Poly Humboldt closed their campus last Friday when agitators took over the college president’s office.


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