CULTURE OF DEATH: Physically Healthy Young Woman Suffering From Depression To Be Euthanized in the Netherlands, After ‘Doctors’ Say She’s ‘Never Gonna Get Any Better’

The culture of death continues to expand in many decadent western cultures, making Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide increasingly normalized options for people that seem plagued by the lack of competent healthcare.

In fact it’s become a kind of ‘vogue’, generating stories like this: Canadian Hospital Suggests Euthanasia to Suicidal Woman Who Went There For Help.

Or this: Euthanasia on the Rise: The Culture of Death Creates a High Tech ‘Sarcophagus’, While Suggesting ‘Assisted Suicide’ To Disabled People.

Of course, once the state is ok with that, people will want to illegally ‘expand’ the market: Ukrainian Man Selling Poison for Suicide on Online Forums Busted by British Media – Chemical Is Deadly Even In Small Doses, Responsible for Hundreds of UK Deaths.

The Netherlands is one of the leading nations pushing for these practices, having become the first to make assisted suicide legal back in 2001.

Since then, it’s become an increasingly ‘popular’ option among the population, with over 8 thousand deaths per year.

It is now reported that a physically healthy 28-year-old Dutch woman has decided ‘to legally end her life due to her struggles with crippling depression, autism and borderline personality disorder’.

New York Post reported:

“Zoraya ter Beek, who lives in a small village in the Netherlands near the German border, is scheduled to be euthanized in May — despite being in love with her 40-year-old boyfriend and living with two cats.”

There’s still time for Zoraya ter Beek to change her mind.

The young woman who aspired to be a psychiatrist deals with mental health struggles, and it appears to have had access to incompetent healthcare.

“She said she decided to be euthanized after her doctors told her, ‘There’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better’.

‘I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore’, ter Beek said.”

‘There’s nothing more we can do for you – it’s never gonna get any better’ – it almost seem like the doctors are prompting her on to suicide.

It’s a growing number of people in these decadent Western societies choosing to die rather than live with conditions that can be treated.

“More people are deciding to end their lives while suffering from a slew of other mental health problems like depression or anxiety amplified by economic uncertainty, climate change, social media and other issues.”

Oh my: people want to die because of climate alarmism?

Critics have noticed how euthanasia became an ‘acceptable option’ brought to the conversation by physicians and psychiatrists – when previously it was meant to be the ultimate, last resort.

Healthcare professional give up on patients much more easily than before: it’s the culture of death.

Zoraya says she is ‘a little afraid of dying’. She still has time to change her mind, and find some decent healthcare to help her live a fruitful life.

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