Conservatives Close Ranks Around Musk in His Fight for Free Speech Against Brazilian Tyrannical Censorship – Argentina’s Milei Meets Him and Offers To Help in the Fight

The battle between X-SpaceX-Tesla owner Elon Musk and the tyrannical Brazilian Supreme Court Justices is generating numerous developments in Latin America and all over the world.

So far, Musk’s tweets have generated almost 350 million views on X, catapulting the Brazilian censure overdrive to a much greater audience than one could dream for.

His courage and willingness to tackle this confrontation are starting to have a real impact in the political panorama of the Soputh American nation. Conservatives have embraced him in a major way.

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And even the US House of Representatives seem to have joined the fray:

Milei went to Florida to meet Musk, and pledged his support with the legal proceedings in Brazil, according to Argentine spokesman Manuel Adorni.

Milei and Musk also ‘agreed to collaborate to promote free market solutions’.

Tupi Report on Telegram:

“Javier Milei and Elon Musk met at the Tesla plant in Austin, Texas, to reaffirm the personal and ideological harmony they displayed in their successive contacts on the social network (formerly Twitter).

The meeting showcased the similarities between the president and the powerful businessman regarding the importance of market freedom, the progress of countries, the need to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles, the development of technology, and the necessity of preserving the rules of the game.”

This was not the first Argentine movement to help with the conflict: Diana Mondino, the Argentine Chancellor, posted a hint of an offer of asylum to X employees in Brazil who have been threatened with imprisonment.

“This government will always work for Freedom. Freedom of expression and the freedom to live in a democracy.

We ratify that our country and by extension its embassies will, absolutely always, provide refuge to all those who are persecuted for sharing these values.”

Elon Musk liked the post.

Meanwhile, conservatives keep closing ranks around Musk, while socialists try to get the government to retaliate against him.

Outspoken conservative, Brazilian congresswoman Bia Kicis called Musk a hero.

“We think he is a hero for us, you know it’s incredible what he has been doing is really incredible.

We had no light at the end of the tunnel, and he happens to be this light now for us now. We are so grateful.”

Meanwhile, The Brazilian government’s Secretariat of Communications (Secom) has suspended all Brazilian government institutional advertising on .

Since the beginning of Lula’s government in 2023, the Palácio do Planalto has spent over R$ 4.2 million on advertising on the platform.

The decision was prompted by a campaign coordinated by Sleeping Giants (an NGO funded by George Soro’s Open Society).

Other political players around the world also chimed in. Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, stated that President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva should be blocked on because he has the ‘habit of censoring and distorting the truth’:

“If anyone should be blocked or censored on X, it should be you, @LulaOficial. You have a habit of censoring and distorting the truth, so it’s no surprise that you are trying to censor others.”

Independent Dutch member of the European Parliament, Rob Roos asserts that ‘Brazil is no longer a democracy.’

“Most people are not aware [of the problems happening in Brazil]. So it’s very important for us to expose this. We will denounce what is happening now. With all this suppression, and freedom of expression, disappearing. […] It’s important for people to understand that Brazil is no longer a democracy.

We also know that there was interference in the [Brazilian] elections by Moraes on social media, on Twitter. And I’m glad that Elon Musk is exposing all of this. Freedom of expression is the foundation of the West. […]

I am aware [of the powers these judges possess]. Lula is just a puppet. And Moraes, well, he is the architect of evil. Now, we have to raise awareness about this, and also among European leaders.”

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