Comedian Jerry Seinfeld on How the Left and Being Politically Correct Ruined Comedy “This is the Result of the Extreme Left and P.C. Crap” (Video)

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld/Image:@newyorker/TikTok

Comic legend Jerry Seinfeld calls out the joy-killers in the far-left for ruining comedy.

The “Seinfeld” star joined New Yorker’s Radio Hour podcast and shared that, while people continue to crave comic relief, they can’t find it on television.

Seinfeld shared, “Nothing really affects comedy. People always need it. They need it so badly and they don’t get it.”

“It used to be that you’d go home at the end of the day, most people would go, ‘Oh, ’Cheers’ is on. Oh, ‘M.A.S.H.’ is on. Oh, ‘Mary Tyler Moore ’ is on, ‘All in the Family’ is on.’ You just expected [there will] be some funny stuff we can watch on TV tonight.”

“Well, guess what? Where is it? Where is it? This is the result of the extreme left and P.C. crap and people worrying so much about offending other people.”

“When you write a script and it goes into four or five different hands, committees, groups…’ here’s our thought about this joke’ well that’s the end of your comedy.”

“They move the gates, like in skiing. Culture – the gates are moving. Your job is to be agile and clever enough that wherever they put the gates, I’m going to make the gate.”




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