CNN Cancels Charles Barkley’s Show Over Horrific Ratings, Barkley Previously Threatened To Punch Black People Wearing Trump Mugshot Shirts During Episode

CNN canceled NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley’s new show “King Charles” after just six months.

King Charles, a talk show starring Charles Barkley and his co-host Gayle King, has been canceled by CNN due to its failure to produce ratings.

Nielson reported Barkley’s show was the lowest-rated prime-time weeknight TV series for CNN in the last ten years.

Originally, “King Charles” was supposed to air until the Spring, but due to only garnering an average of 459,000 total viewers during its first 14 episodes, CNN decided to pull the plug.

Per The New York Post:

The CNN weekly prime time talk show co-hosted by basketball loudmouth Charles Barkley and CBS morning star Gayle King has ended a six-month run that failed to produce ratings.

The weekly call-in show “King Charles,” which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday nights failed to generate more viewers than reruns of the sitcom “Friends” and episodes of “South Park.”

It was the lowest-rated prime time weeknight series debut for CNN in at least a decade, according to Nielsen.

When the show launched in November, CNN said it planned to air it through the early spring.

Barkley made national headlines in March for stating, “I’m just going to say this. If I see a black person walking around with Trump mugs, I’m going to punch him in the face.”

In response to Barkley’s threat, Gayle King told Barkley she would “bail him out.”


This Is CNN: “I Would Bail You Out”: Gayle King to Charles Barkley After He Vows To Punch Black People Wearing Trump Mug Shot Shirts


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