Chiefs Star Travis Kelce Chugs and Slams Beer on Stage After Receiving Diploma From the University of Cincinnati (VIDEO)

NFL star Travis Kelce finally had the chance to walk across the stage and receive a diploma from the University of Cincinnati during an exclusive commencement ceremony.

However, Travis’ on-stage antics quickly overshadowed his academic accomplishments.

While receiving his diploma, Travis Kelce shook the hand of University of Cincinnati President Dr. Neville Pinto and proceeded to chug a beer on stage.

After chugging the beer halfway, the superstar tight end slammed it on stage, causing the beverage to splatter everywhere.


Users on X were not very supportive of Kelce’s antics.


The commencement ceremony did not contain any other students; rather, it was an impromptu ceremony that the University of Cincinnati held for the Kelce brothers.

Per Yahoo Sports:

The Kelce brothers had graduated from the University of Cincinnati but hadn’t been able to celebrate that accomplishment at a commencement ceremony.

And the Kelce brothers like a good celebration.

Jason and Travis Kelce held an event at UC’s Fifth Third Arena for their “New Heights” podcast on Thursday. And at the end they received the diplomas they had already earned years ago. Travis honored the occasion as only the Kansas City Chiefs tight end can.

He shook the hand of UC’s president, Dr. Neville Pinto, and then slammed a can of beer on the stage while the Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right” — a song that has become an anthem for Kelce and the Chiefs during their dynasty — played in the arena. Then Kelce spiked the mostly empty can like a football and took his diploma. Of course.


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