Chaos Erupts at Michigan County Meeting After Minister of Satanic Temple Named ‘Luis Cypher’ Delivers Satanic Invocation (VIDEO)

Chaos erupted in Michigan at Tuesday’s Ottawa County board meeting after Satanic Temple minister ‘Luis Cypher’ delivered a Satanic invocation at the April 23rd meeting. You can watch the entire meeting here, where the Satanist invocation is from 4:02-7:20.

The Republican-led board recently changed its policies to allow pastors to deliver the invocation instead of Commissioners.

The Satanic Temple signed up and gave an invocation. The meeting descended into chaos in the lobby as people chanted, “We love Jesus!”


“We love Jesus! We love Jesus!” people chanted to drown out the Satanists.


The Daily Mail reported:

Chaos erupted at the Ottawa County board meeting in Michigan when a member of the Satanic Church delivered an invocation to start the gathering.

A man by the name of Luis Cypher, a minister of the Satanic Temple of West Michigan, gave a speech on Tuesday reiterating the importance of separating church and state, one of the main principles of the organization.

But the massive crowd descended into protest as people chanted and sang hymns such as ‘Amazing Grace,’ put signs on the wall that said, ‘God always, Satan never’ and ‘Satan has no rights.’

One man yelled, ‘hail Satan,’ while others yelled, ‘we love Jesus.’

The exchanges remained verbal and did not escalate to physical violence.

Christians showed up in force to counter the forces of what they described as evil. Christians handed out cookies to the assembled group with a sticker referencing John 3:16 from the Bible, which says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Protesting Christians inside the Ottawa County government building. The protesters were upset at a Satanist giving an invocation at the County meeting.


Hundreds of Christians showed up to counter what ended up being a half dozen Satanists. One such Christian was Rachel Atwood, who is also running to be an Ottawa County Commissioner, who told the Gateway Pundit: “The forces of darkness and evil are active in politics and they want to win. They want to win so they can promote DEI, abortion, among other things. More Christians need to get involved right now because our opponents are literal Satanists and atheist leftists LARPing as Satanists.”

The packed crowd inside the lobby of the Ottawa County building for the meeting with the Satanist invocation. Most of those in the crowd identified as Christians.

Many Christians privately noted that the Satanists did not appear to be sincerely worshipping the Devil, but just atheistic left-wing trolls.

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