Canadian Man in Legal Battle to Get Free Vaginoplasty… While Keeping Penis Intact!

A court in Canada is set to rule on a case as to whether the state must pay for a vaginoplasty on a man who also wants to keep his penis intact.

According to the National Post, the legal battle “could lead to more requests for individually customized and unorthodox gender-affirming surgeries” while reflecting a “small but growing demand for niche surgeries for people who identify as non-binary, meaning neither exclusively female nor exclusively male.”

The individual, who is known only as K.S., is a biological male who claims to have experienced gender dysphoria since he was a teen. However, his doctor contends that he feels neither male nor female and would therefore like to have both a penis and a vagina.

“It is very important for (K.S.)  to have a vagina for her personal interpretation of her gender expression but she also wishes to maintain her penis,” his doctor wrote in a letter to Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) supporting his request for state funding.

“(K.S.) is transfeminine but not completely on the ‘feminine” end of the spectrum (and) for this reason it’s important for her to have a vagina while maintaining a penis.”

K.S. has also argued that undergoing a “binary surgery” would only exacerbate her gender dysphoria and “would be akin to an act of conversion therapy.” He also wishes to retain his genitalia for sexual health and fears about potential urinary incontinence issues that often from the proposed “urological rerouting.”

The case was previously upheld Ontario’s Health Services Appeal and Review Board. However, OHIP appealed the decision to Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice and a decision is expected soon.

Many sex change operations are carried out on the grounds that those suffering from gender dysphoria are at risk of self-harm or even suicide if they are refused surgery. However, a study back in 2021 published by the American Urological Associatio  found that men who had transgender surgery were more likely to commit suicide after the operation than before.


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