Breaking: Rioting Pro-Hamas Students Tear Down Barricades at George Washington University Just Blocks From White House; Palestinian Flag and Keffiyeh Draped on Statue of Nation’s First President

Several hundred pro-Hamas students, angered by an attempted arrest of a protester by police, rioted at George Washington University overnight, located a few blocks west of the White House in Washington, D.C. The students tore down barricades that had blocked off an earlier attempted ‘occupy’ protest on campus grounds at University Yard (U-Yard). The students retook U-Yard, erecting tents and planting Palestinian flags on the pile of barricades. A Palestinian flag and keffiyeh draped on a statue of our nation’s first President George Washington at the start of the protest several days ago were still desecrating America’s founding father.

The protest is part of an attempt to foment communist revolution in the U.S., using college campuses as a focal point, with an alliance of terrorist supporting communists and Islamists.

GWU had cleared the ‘occupy’ protest at U-Yard several days ago and was allowing only about twenty protesters to remain. The D.C. government refused to help, reportedly fearing bad optics. D.C. allowed the protesters to take over a city street in front of the campus area for the weekend. Like magic, dozens of tents looking just the ones at other campus protests sprung up on H Street.

Before the riot, GWU had sent out a statement to alumni Sunday night explaining their handling of the protest:

Late Sunday night, campus police officers were prevented by the protesters from arresting one of the activists. A riot ensued where the barricades were torn down.

Video of the H Street weekend encampment before the riot, “Outside groups are providing all kinds of help to radical students”:

Video of the “de-arrest” that set off the riot:

Photos and videos of the torn down barricades. Heavy use of chanting to foment revolution on campus:

“Say it loud and say it clear, liberation is near!”

“From U-Yard to Palestine, globalize the intifada!”

“I believe that we will win!”

The student newspaper GW Hatchet is posting live reports:

Action by police is expected in the morning–or not.

Until then, “Who’s not leaving? We’re not leaving!”

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