BREAKING: RINOS WIN – AMERICANS LOSE: FISA 702 Again Passes House by Vote of 259-128 – Here are The 117 RINOs Who Voted for Warrantless Spying on Americans

The House of Representatives on Monday passed a Motion to Table the Motion to Reconsider H.B. 7888, which passed on Friday to renew FISA 702 and allow warrantless surveillance of innocent Americans.

This was a betrayal of Americans.

Shortly before the final passage of H.B. 7888 on Friday, the House rejected a commonsense amendment from Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), which would have required a warrant to spy on Americans. However, 86 Republicans voted for authoritarianism, with Speaker Mike Johnson casting the decisive vote.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), in an interview with Maria Bartoromo this weekend, slammed Mike Johnson for voting with Democrats again to break the tie and “abdicating the power of the purse” to the Democrats in the latest spending package. “As I see it now, I’m not sure there’s a difference between Mike Johnson being in charge and the Democrats being in charge,” Senator Paul remarked:

Recall that official intelligence documents show that the FBI illegally used FISA 278,000 times to spy on Americans, including their political enemies like President Trump, Trump donors, and January 6 families. Republicans in Congress chose to screw the American people and allow unwarranted search and seizure of our private communications, giving the Biden Regime and FBI renewed authority to spy on Trump and innocent Americans, as they previously did, leading up to the 2024 election.

The final vote on Section 702 of the Foreign Surveillance Act was 273-147 on Friday, with 126 Republicans in favor of betraying the American people. On Monday, the legislation was brought back to a vote on a motion to reconsider, requested by Rep. Laurel Lee (R-FL) and demanded by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna in a recorded vote.

However, 117 Republicans voted with 142 Democrats in favor of a Motion to Table the Motion to Reconsider, which was requested by House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH). The legislation now heads to the Democrat-led Senate, where it will presumably pass and then be signed into law by Joe Biden.

Recall that Mike Turner, a staunch opponent of FISA reform to end warrantless surveillance of innocent Americans, came under fire earlier this year for sending a letter to colleagues and raising concern over “an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability that should be known by all Congressional Policy Makers.” According to Rep. Andy Ogles (R-TN), who asked Speaker Johnson for an inquiry and possible removal of the House Intelligence Chair from his committee, this was an attempt by Turner to create unfounded worry in pursuit of a “political agenda” to prevent the passage of FISA reform legislation.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), following Friday’s disappointing vote by RINOs, Democrats, and Speaker Johnson, sent a letter to all 435 members of Congress on Monday urging them to protect civil liberties, follow the U.S. Constitution and fix the current legislation to make it constitutional.

“I urge all Members of Congress to vote NO on the motion to table the motion to reconsider,” states the letter. “I am specifically asking the 56 Members of Congress who voted for final passage of H.R. 7888, the Reforming Intelligence and Securing America Act, after supporting and voting for Biggs Amendment #1 to vote NO on the motion to table.”

House Votes at 6:30 PM Monday Night to Kill FISA Spying on Americans without Warrant – Call Your Representative Today!… Number Below

Friday’s legislation permits U.S. agencies to monitor foreign targets abroad but has come under scrutiny for its implications and past misuse in surveilling American citizens. The vote displayed a uniparty alliance, with 147 Democrats and 126 Republicans supporting the bill, while 88 Republicans and 59 Democrats opposed it.

Shortly before final passage, the House rejected a commonsense amendment from Rep. Andy Biggs, which would require a warrant to spy on Americans. 86 Republicans voted for authoritarianism, with Speaker Mike Johnson casting the decisive vote.

Here are the 117 RINOs who voted in favor of warrantless spying on the American people and President Trump’s campaign:

The Motion to Table a Motion to Reconsider solidified the vote for tyranny.

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