Brave Female Student Wrestles Gun from Robber in Daring Phone Theft Standoff (VIDEO)


A University of Chicago student managed to fend off an armed robber, seizing his weapon during a tense confrontation. The incident occurred on a Wednesday, as a spree of robberies targeted students near the bustling campus area.

Madelyn, a 21-year-old student, found herself face-to-face with a masked assailant determined to steal her phone.

“I was just walking home from class and I see a man in a mask approach me,” Maddi told abc7. “And he kind of comes towards me and I think to myself, ‘just keep walking,’ but then we have an altercation.”

The ordeal, captured by a nearby surveillance camera, shows Madelyn grappling with the suspect, ultimately wresting the gun from his grasp.

“In the tussle, I was able to take the magazine out of his gun, and I tossed it into a bush. But at the moment, I didn’t know what I was grabbing,” Maddi told NBC.

“I think fight definitely kicked in, but I’m in no way advocating of resisting armed robbery,” Maddi said. “I think it was really not the right decision looking back on it… It all happened so quickly. Definitely just give the phone away. I don’t think the altercation was the best solution.”

This wasn’t an isolated incident; moments earlier, two students were robbed by four armed suspects driving a black Infiniti car.

The duo complied with the robbers’ demands and were unharmed as the assailants took off in their vehicle. Five minutes later, two armed men targeted Maddi as she walked off-campus.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. The Chicago Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

Maddi praised the response of the campus and police, emphasizing the importance of capturing the attackers, “I usually feel safe walking on campus, but finding the people who did this attack is crucial because they will do it again.”


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