With Both His Father the King and Wife Kate Undergoing Cancer Treatments, William the Prince of Wales Returns to His Public Duties

Britain’s Prince William has returned to his public duties.

Writing that feels like this story has moved in a distressing loop, because back in February, we wrote exactly that here at TGP: With King Charles Treated for Cancer, His Wife Kate Recovering From Surgery, Britain’s Prince William Is Back on Public Duty, Carrying the Torch for the Royal Family.

But then, the Kingdom’s obsession with the Royals showed its ugliest face as the rumors swirled with unprecedented violence: Grave Sickness, Affair and Divorce, ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’? Britain’s Prince William and Princess Kate Face the Rumor Mill Going into Overdrive.

Not only that but crimes were being committed in furtherance of society’s ‘Kate mania’: UK ROYAL SECURITY SCANDAL: Hospital Staff in Posh London Clinic Attempted to Access Princess Kate Middleton’s Private Medical Records.

So, in early April, finally, the Princess of Wales had to come out and show us live that her real (and Royal) life is no fairy tale.

She recorded a video announcement disclosing and detailing her cancer treatment in a very dignified way that moved the Kingdom and the world.

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Leak of Her Cancer Diagnosis Forced Princess Kate To Reveal Her Medical Condition to the World

A little over two weeks later, we come full circle, as William returned to public duties for the first time since his wife Kate revealed she was undergoing chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Reuters reported:

"William, 41, has been absent from official engagements since then as the couple and their three young children come to terms with the impact of the news.

Although he and his eldest son Prince George were pictured watching their favorite soccer team Aston Villa play last week, Thursday marked the first time William carried out official public appearances since Kate's highly-personal announcement.

He appeared in good spirits as he chatted and helped out staff on a visit to a surplus food redistribution charity. One volunteer handed him 'get well soon' cards for Kate and his father King Charles who is also undergoing treatment for an unspecified form of cancer."

The Prince of Wales later visited a youth centre which received regular deliveries from the charity.

No timescale has been divulged on when his wife Kate will return to public duties herself.

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