Big Apple Brawl: Weapon-Wielding Migrants Beat the Tar Out of Each Other in Broad Daylight on the New York Streets (VIDEOS)

Video Image: @CANELATRD

Video footage captured the moment several migrants in New York City beat the tar out of each other earlier this week in broad daylight in Midtown.

The New York Post reported that over a dozen so-called asylum seekers faced off Sunday afternoon outside The Row Hotel on Eighth Avenue. An X user captured two separate brawl videos and posted them on his account.

The user who captured the videos identified them as Venezuelans, but this has not been confirmed.

The video opens with one migrant getting hit from behind with what appears to be a drink. They then start circling each other with two swinging their bats for several seconds.

The first part of the footage concludes with one of the fighters getting dragged to the ground and pounded one by three other migrants.


The second part of the video is arguably wilder, with the combatants using their own helmets as weapons in addition to bats. One migrant fighter is seen getting chased from the sidewalk to the street.

The footage also shows one yanked down onto the street in front of oncoming traffic. Four others kicked and hit him with bats while on the ground.

The final part shows a migrant being chased while being hit with the bats.

The Post reports that it is unknown what sparked the violent brawl. The NYPD is not commenting on the incident at this time.


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