Biden Campaign Lies, Claims Trump Will Target “Americans Who Oppose Him” Just Like He Did After Trump Issues Warning to Democrats: “It Comes Back to Bite”

President Trump joined Greg Kelly on Newsmax last Thursday to discuss the Democrats’ ongoing lawfare against him and past statements that if he were President, Hillary Clinton would be in jail.

It can be recalled that during an October 2016 debate in St. Louis, Hillary tried to zing Trump, saying, “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in this country,” and he brought the house down with an epic one-liner: “Because you’d be in jail.”

Trump did not follow through with putting Hillary in jail or weaponizing the justice system against his opponents. “I thought it would be a terrible thing for our country,” Trump said in his interview with Kelly.

“They don’t care, these people are radical lunatics, they don’t care,” Trump continued in reference to Joe Biden and the Democrats who have persecuted President Trump and thousands of innocent, peaceful January 6 prisoners.

Trump added, “They have to be very careful with what they’re doing because it comes back to bite.”

The Democrats and Joe Biden, of course, lied about what Trump said and shared a selectively edited clip, claiming, “Trump says Americans who oppose him should ‘be careful’ because his Project 2025 agenda will send the Justice Department after them if he wins.”

Sound familiar?

From an official Biden-Harris campaign account:

Watch a longer portion of the interview below.

Trump is currently facing 88 criminal counts brought on by four of Biden’s thugs in different jurisdictions ahead of the 2024 election.

Similarly, Kamala Harris gaslit the American people in a video message earlier this year, claiming that “Donald Trump is an existential threat to our democracy and our most fundamental freedoms” and he “took rights and liberties from the American people.” This is all coming from the same regime that stole an election, took away our nation’s borders, pushed vaccine mandates on the American people, destroyed the economy, persecuted Trump supporters, and is trying to imprison the leading Presidential candidate in 2024.

RIDICULOUS: After Indicting The Leading Presidential Candidate and Destroying America, Kamala Harris Calls Trump an “Existential Threat to Our Democracy,” Who “Took Rights and Liberties From The American people” (VIDEO)


Kelly: I think you locked up the election with that moment, but you didn't follow through on that. Yet they are trying to put you in jail. Now my question is you were asked about that. You said, Look, these are good people. I don't want to hurt them. And I kind of thought that was a very honorable thing to say. What happens if you become president again regarding them and the rest?

Trump: Well, let me tell you, I didn't want to. I thought it would be a terrible thing. And there were opportunities, obviously, and good, strong control. Everything was good, but I did not want to, and I thought it would be a terrible thing for our country. They don't care, these people are radical lunatics, they don't care. And they have to be very careful with what they're doing because it comes back to bite, and you're right about it. I had plenty — that would have been a horrible thing to do, I thought, but they don't mind doing it. And talking president, not you know, the wife of Bill Clinton would not have been, would not have been a nice thing to do. But I felt that way. I really did. I felt that way, and she was a quite nasty. And by the way, to this day she talks about the election, the election, nobody goes after her. They go after conservative Republicans, they go after Christians. I mean, it's gonna be a lot different out there. And I tell the Republicans, I think I'm having an impact, a big impact. I tell them you better start fighting because, you know, you're not gonna have anything left if you don’t, and we have some great people. You know that. They're on your show a lot. We have some great Republicans but they're realizing they're gonna have to get tougher, and they will.

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