Locals Help Police Trash Tents and Anti-Israel Flags at Arizona State University (VIDEO)

Some college campuses that have reached their limit with Hamas agitators are taking action to remove tents and anti-Israel flags. Among the allies to the police at ASU was a group of local guys helping with the clean up.

As these guys were helping the police, you could hear the agitators complaining and harassing them.

“We’ve got the white frat boys throwing away protester’s belongings and we’ve got the pigs in brown doing nothing,” an anti-Israel agitator shouted.


Earlier in the day, the police at the ASU campus were tearing down tents that were involved with the unruly Hamas agitators. They were met with anti-Israel chants with some words difficult to understand since they were shouting.

ABC 15 Arizona reported:

TEMPE, AZ — Nearly 70 people were arrested early Saturday morning amid a pro-Palestinian protest at Arizona State University that started Friday over the Israel-Hamas conflict.

ASU confirmed the arrests Saturday morning, saying the group set up an unauthorized encampment in violation of university policy.

“Rogue cops get out of the way we know you’re Israel’s (incoherent word),” agitators shouted.


ASU also turned on the sprinklers in the field to try and deter the agitators. They responded by putting items or bags over them to prevent them from getting sprayed.

One student was hitting a plastic container with a stick while they were chanting. They made reference to liberation, but they were difficult to understand since they were shouting. A good portion of them were wearing masks either to avoid being seen or an obsession with Covid virtue signaling.



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