What’s Happening in NYC? Women Randomly Punched in the Face While Walking Down the Street


What is happening in New York City, and why are young women randomly getting punched in the face while walking down the street?

Recently, women in NYC have been sharing videos on social media in the aftermath of being randomly punched in the face while strolling down the city streets.

Halley, a content creator and influencer, shared a video on Monday morning telling her story.

As she walked down the street, a man punched her, leaving a giant goose egg swelling on the right side of her head.

In the video that has been seen over 21.3 million times she said, “You guys. I was literally just walking, and a man came up and punched me in the face. It hurts so bad. I can’t even talk. Literally, I fell to the ground, and now this giant goose egg is forming, and I’m like, oh my God. So crazy.”

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Halley followed up on her original post with additional details.

“I was just walking on the sidewalk, and my head was down, and I was like looking at my phone, just sending an email. But there was so much room on the sidewalk, and literally nobody was around, and I guess this man, I don’t know if he punched me or if he elbowed me. I literally passed out.”

“I think he just was really mad that my head was down. He was walking his dog, so he took it upon himself to body check me and let me know to be conscious of my surroundings.”

After being punched, Halley said she fell to the ground and “blacked out for a second” before getting up while the man screamed at her, and she ran away.

Mikayla Toninato, also an influencer, shared a similar story of being punched while walking on Monday.

She said, “So I just got punched in the face walking home. I was literally like leaving class, I turned the corner and I was looking down, and I was looking at my phone and texting. And then out of nowhere, this man just came up and hit me in the face. “I’m actually in shock right now. I’m just like walking home because what else do you do?”

She added a warning, “I guess if you’re in New York right now and you’re walking while looking at your phone. Maybe don’t do that.”

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Last week creater Olivia Brand, shared a similar video.

“I literally just got punched by some man on the sidewalk. He goes, sorry, and then punches me in the head.”

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Just a few hours ago, another young woman, Kendall, shared that she was walking near Times Square with her coworkers when she was punched.  Sitting in a restaurant, she put ice on the visible bump rising on her forehead.

“I have fallen victim to men in New York City lifting an elbow or trying to punch innocent girls on the street, except I wasn’t on my phone.”

“I was with my coworkers walking in Times Square. So be safe out there.”

@kendalllllllll888 B safe out there nyc girlies (i wasnt on my phone at all and this man barely skimmed by me – i wasnt even in his way) #MYCPunch #TimesSquare #bump #staysafe ♬ original sound – Kendall

What is going on in NYC?


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