WATCH: Reporter Catches Smug RINO Dan Crenshaw In a Big Lie Regarding U.S. Intelligence Agencies Manipulating Americans – Crenshaw Then Bails When Confronted with Specifics

Credit: @TuckerCarlson

One of Congress’s most infamous RINOs was caught by a reporter lying about the Deep State manipulation while trying to make TikTok the root of all evil in America.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the House approved a bill Wednesday that demands China tech giant ByteDance to sell off TikTok, or the infamous media app will be effectively banned in America. Specifically, the bill gives TikTok “six months to eliminate foreign adversary control — which would include ByteDance divesting its current ownership — to remain available in the United States.”

After Congress voted on legislation, Tucker Carlson obtained footage Friday of Rep. Dan Crenshaw (RINO-TX) speaking with reporters about why he felt banning TikTok was crucial to national security and stopping the Chinese from spreading misinformation to manipulate the American people. But when Liam Cosgrove, a reporter at the Grayzone, confronted him about U.S. Intelligence agencies meddling in news coverage, Crenshaw lied and said this was not happening, as Tucker notes in his post.

The establishment RINO then challenged Cosgrove to come up with an example proving him wrong. The reporter later caught up to Crenshaw as he was walking toward his assistant’s SUV and brought up the FBI, ex-government officials, and the media colluding with Twitter to censor The New York Post’s explosive Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020.

But Crenshaw said it did not count because the officials were retired. When Cosgrove pointed out that the FBI had the laptop for over a year, Crenshaw claimed this was far from what TikTok was doing, slammed the car door shut, and left.


Cosgrove: Are you worried that our intelligence agencies are doing the same thing (as China) domestically?

Crenshaw: Am I worried? Well, I KNOW that they’re not.

Cosgrove: They’re not manipulating Americans?

Crenshaw: Yes, I know. Do you have evidence otherwise that you would like to share?

Cosgrove: Congressman, you asked for an example of the U.S. intelligence agencies meddling in our information. What about before the 2020 election when 50 members came out and said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation? Does that count?

Crenshaw: No, because they were retired.

Cosgrove: But the FBI had the laptop for over a year…

Crenshaw: That’s not even close to what TikTok is doing!

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