Thugs Beat and Stomp Helpless Illinois High School Student into Unconsciousness – Parents Reveal the Steps the School Took to Cover Up the Assault (VIDEO)

Credit: Libs of Tiktok

Shocking footage has emerged showing the moments an innocent high school junior from Wheaton, Illinois was beaten into unconsciousness by two fellow students. Even worse, credible information reveals infuriating steps the school took to sweep the incident under the rug.

The video, which has gone viral today thanks to Libs of Tiktok, shows a white kid being assaulted by two other individuals in a bathroom at Wheaton Warrenville South. The thugs are seen beating and stomping on the poor youth while one shouts, “What the f**k is wrong with you!”

The unconscious victim is then carried out of the bathroom by other students. One can be heard saying, “Oh, sh*t!” while another says, “Someone go get a nurse.”


The mother of the student told Patch that the sickening incident occurred on February 28. Her child was wholly unconscious and suffered a seizure.

She revealed the boy was taken to the emergency room, where he was treated for a concussion, “multiple contusions,” and bruising.

Moreover, she revealed some infuriating details regarding how the school acted to downplay and cover up the horrific assault.

The teen’s mom said that despite her son being out cold, school officials did not immediately call 911.

“School personnel who were there with my son were not getting him medical attention,” she said.

The victim’s mother explained that these actions by adults, including Principal Lorie Campos, are an ongoing pattern at the school.

“This is not just because of my son, but because this is not isolated, and the way they are trying to push this under the rug is not unique to this situation with my son,” the mother explained.

It gets worse, though. The victim’s mother said the altercation began after one student called her son a name, which she says prompted him to ask the boy if he wanted to go into the bathroom. Campos used this as an excuse to suspend the beaten child for ten days despite him not landing a blow on the perpetrators.

Even more enraging, concerned fellow school parents said the two thugs who beat and stomped the teen into unconsciousness were suspended for only TWO DAYS, eight less than the victim. They also revealed school officials NEVER called the cops.

Moreover, there were reportedly five other fights that day.

Credit: @RedsRepair95

The victim’s mom closed her interview with Patch by saying she hopes any attention surrounding her son’s assault will encourage other student victims to speak out.

To me, it’s a consistent, pervasive minimizing, and some of these poor kids have endured things very similar to this.

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