Sen. JD Vance SCORCHES Mitch McConnell: “You Can’t Have Another Republican Leader Who Seems to Ooze Hatred and Dismay for the Very People Who Vote – Republican” (VIDEO)

Senator J.D Vance and outgoing Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell.

Senator J.D. Vance (R-OH) was on Sunday Morning Futures today with host Maria Bartiromo.

Senator Vance was pointing out common sense solutions to the nation’s problems.

The Ohio Senator did not hold back when he pointed out Mitch McConnell’s obvious disgust for today’s Republican voter.

On Joe Biden’s open border crisis.

Sen. J.D. Vance: Maria. Joe Biden opened up the floodgates. He implemented over 90 executive orders at the beginning of his administration that were meant to open the border. He and his Secretary of Homeland Security, they bragged about it. They said they were undoing the Trump border policies. And now, three years later, we’re living with the disaster of it. We just go back to this terrible murder of Lake and Riley, who was killed doing what young kids just do. She was out exercising, enjoying her life, and she was brutally murdered by someone who shouldn’t have been here. That person was paroled by the Biden administration. And I have to say, Maria, it’s not just a radical departure from the Trump border policies. It’s in some ways a radical departure from the Obama border policies. Barack Obama paroled about 5000 illegal aliens per year. Joe Biden is paroling close to a million per year, including the person who brutally murdered Lake and Riley. So we have a problem…

On GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s replacement.

Maria Bartiromo: I want to get your take on Mitch McConnell stepping down. I know that the Senate is considering who would take his place. Do you have a favorite, who do you want to see in Mitch McConnell’s spot?

Sen. J.D. Vance: I think that we have to use this leadership election to turn the page on Republican Senate leadership, Maria. You cannot have a Senate Republican leader who is far more obsessed with securing Ukraine’s border than he is focused on the American border. You can’t have a Senate Republican leader who seems to ooze hatred and dismay for the very people who vote in most of the republican elected leaders. Our base, I happen to think they’re good people and that we should be listening to them more than we do. But you can’t have another establishment politician who seems to dislike the people who actually vote for the Republican party. So whatever we do, we need to focus on getting a Republican leader who I think is trusted by the broad majority of Republicans. That’s the most important thing.

Here is the clip from Sunday Morning Futures.

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