REPORT: Biden Administration Grants Iran Billions in New Sanctions Relief

The Biden administration is reportedly unfreezing billions in new sanctions relief for Iran.

This move comes just a month after three U.S. soldiers were killed in drone attacks carried out by Iran-backed militias.

The Obama administration was known for having a curious determination to empower Iran and given that the Biden administration employs many of the same people, one can’t help but wonder if this is just a continuation of the same disastrous wrongheaded policy.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Biden Admin Renews Iran Sanctions Waiver That Unlocks Upwards of $10 Billion for Regime

The Biden administration on Wednesday reapproved a sanctions waiver that unlocks upwards of $10 billion in frozen funds for the Iranian government, according to a copy of the notice submitted to Congress late Wednesday and reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon

Republican foreign policy leaders in Congress raised concerns about the waiver earlier this week, the Free Beacon reported, saying that sanctions should not be lifted on the hardline Iranian regime in light of its support for Hamas and other terrorist proxy groups waging war on Israel and American outposts in the region.

While the State Department maintains the funds can only be accessed by Iran to pay for humanitarian supplies, like food and medicine, critics of the sanctions waiver argue that money is fungible, and that the waiver frees up cash for Iran to spend on its global terrorism operations.

Every instinct Biden has for foreign policy is wrong.

This move is dangerous and makes absolutely no sense.

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