The Rebranding Of The GOP Into MAGA Can Be Accelerated With The Trump Team’s Takeover Of The RNC

Mapping Out An Effective Strategy For A Post-Ronna McDaniel RNC

So many of the pitfalls that have plagued this year’s presidential race, between the unnecessary Republican primary to the all-out lawfare still being waged against President Trump by rogue prosecutors like Letitia James and Fani Willis, could have been circumvented with the backing of a competent Republican National Committee.  Indeed, if the RNC had retaliated against the Biden regime’s witch-hunts against President Trump and his supporters going back to the days of the Mueller probe, there certainly would not have been the level of retaliation we are now observing with the four indictments, and 91 charges, that have been maliciously carried out by regime apparatchiks, parading the marching orders of Biden and his lackeys in the deep state, who wish to sabotage the MAGA movement by any means necessary.

Fortunately, by the grace of God, so much of the regime’s former stranglehold over the public mind has been weakened by their own ineptitude and moral failings – be they the infamnia of a circus act now unraveling in Fulton County, with revelations of a scandalously unethical relationship between the Democratic-backed D.A., Willis, and her paramour prosecutor, Nathan Wade.  The case of course should never have been brought in the first place because there is no crime.  The silver lining of it all, however, is that the public has been made aware of the seemingly endless corruption of those like Willis and Wade, who are, in their respective offices, theoretically expected to exercise good judgment and wisdom when carrying out their solemn duties.

Of course, none of this is true for Wade or Willis – or Biden – all of whom make a mockery of their offices, and by extension, become laughingstocks for their countrymen as well as on the world stage, the rank embodiment of a country in precipitous decline.  The fact that Biden’s playmakers were emboldened enough to appoint the most patently unqualified individuals to carry out their hatchet job against the 45th President suggests that the Democrats have absolutely no fear of their enemies, save Donald Trump, the main target of their political persecution.

This is because Republicans have been weak – they have long preferred being seen as “respectable” by those who hate them.  Why that is boggles the mind: as Fani Willis displayed for all Americans: our enemies are stupid, classless heathens.  They are despicable human beings who deserve to be shunned from politics, nay, all polite society.  In a somewhat respectable country, they would be duly ostracized, if not imprisoned, for their grave violations of their public offices.  They have abdicated any and all public responsibility they have been given – not that they were ever worthy to be given such responsibility in the first place.  Indeed, Fani Willis and Nathan Wade would be lucky to be janitors in a public high school, and Biden, if things were even remotely normal, comfortably sequestered in a nursing home.

The sheer arrogance of the Left reflects the incompetence of the Right.  The Right’s institutions could be deployed with the same caliber of aggression as the Left now finances watchdog organizations, like Media Matters, and lawfare groups, like Norm Eisen’s CREW and the Anti-Defamation League, which has kowtowed virtually every major corporation in America into accepting woke agenda items, such as DEI and ESG, while rejecting – and going so far as to sue those – who dare to speak about ongoing fraud in our elections, or what really happened on January 6th, or the efficacy of vaccines, to name just a few notable examples.

But the dominoes of the old Republican establishment order – the one embodied by Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Ronna McDaniel, and Mitch McConnell – are slowly toppling, one by one.  The rising Republican order can only be MAGA, and Donald Trump above anyone else captures the vision and message for how the party – and indeed, the country – must be directed, not only over the next four years, but at least the next four generations.

Thus, the news that Ronna McDaniel will soon be stepping down from her post, hopefully replaced by a slate of Trump-endorsed nominees, including North Carolina GOP Chair Michael Whatley for Chairman, Lara Trump for co-chair, and Chris LaCivita, President Trump’s senior campaign adviser, for chief operating officer, is a welcome, welcome overhaul.

It took long enough: it is quite ridiculous, actually, that until now, the GOP’s principal fundraising apparatus was ideologically and temperamentally at odds with the party standard-bearer and presidential frontrunner in Donald Trump.

The RNC is poised now to become a powerful instrument in President Trump’s toolkit, which can both strategically endorse and finance candidates and state party committees that fall in lockstep with his agenda, while pressuring those groups that remain loyal to the old guard, and out of step with the changing reality on the ground.  By aligning President Trump’s campaign with the RNC, there no longer will be doubt that the Republican Party is anything but the MAGA party: the two are in lockstep, and the financial power must reflect that indefatigable truism if this country has any shot at defeating Biden and the radical Left that has virtually overtaken every institution of import.

The reported proposed, President Trump-recommended facelift of RNC leadership would give President Trump basically a billion dollars at his disposal.  This is money that should not be spent frivolously: instead, it must be surgically deployed – in consideration of the limited time and resources we have between now and election day, some eight months down the road.

To that end, the priorities of the newly revamped RNC should include the following:

  1. A mass voter registration initiative, copying the model of places like Florida and Kentucky, which in recent years corrected longstanding disparities between registered Republican and Democrat voters in both states.  By systematically targeting unregistered voters, in addition to disgruntled former Democrats and Independents who gravitate towards the MAGA movement, not only do the aforementioned states now command more Republicans than Democrat registrants overall, but they do so by significant margins.  This strategy must be deployed, starting with pivotal battleground states, like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona.  Any remaining resources should be expended on states like Nevada and New Jersey, which are tilting rightward in recent elections, and have the potential to become competitive as soon as this year’s general election cycle, so long as a competent strategy is devised, and resources deployed, efficiently and economically.
  2. Relatedly, the RNC should employ Scott Presler, and other voter registration groups, particularly those with accomplished track records of educating and registering voters. These groups will be tasked with learning the electoral landscape intimately in pivotal battlegrounds, especially in key swing counties such as Maricopa, Philadelphia, and Fulton County, which were rife for fraud and rank corruption in 2020, and relaying that information back to the RNC.  These groups must create a schedule of goals to first identify the unregistered voters in these key battleground states, and then register as many voters as needed to make up for Democrat-advantages.  To the extent possible, these groups would ideally be working in tandem with state Republican party leaders and committees, and not be at odds with them – although, understandably, many of these committees – such as in New York State, for example – are still run by RINOs, like Ed Cox, who cannot even pretend to care about Donald Trump or the movement and issues that his supporters value most. This, even though prioritizing these issues are a surefire way to succeed in any election, in any state – federal, state, and local – as demonstrated by the success of the MAGA movement of the past eight years, which polls suggest is now stronger than ever, with states like Nevada, which neither went for Trump in 2016 or 2020, even being in play.
  3. Lawfare efforts should be made – and lawyers, deployed – like paratroopers, particularly in pivotal battleground cities – such as Philadelphia and Atlanta.  The goals of these groups are twofold: 1) monitor election procedures, and ensure compliance with such procedures by state and local party leaders, to maximize transparency in the process and to ensure that the unlawful methods used by Democrats in 2020, such as late night vote dumps, are exposed and thwarted; and 2) to the extent fraud does occur, these groups should be already strategizing to provide notice to courts about potential lawsuits, and begin accumulating evidence and crafting legal arguments now, well in advance of Election Day, so to counteract and offset the Left’s own lawfare, which is extraordinarily sophisticated relative to the Right’s, come time for action.  The RNC should only contract with lawfare groups, such as the NCLU, with a track record of supporting President Trump – proven, for instance, by a record of amicus briefs filings for any of the President’s cases with the Supreme Court, or through previous lawfare work, particularly on election integrity issues. Looking for these sorts of things demonstrate an ability and willingness to stick out their heads and go against the grain of the legal profession, the majority of which is in thrall to leftist and Democrat agenda items, hook, line and sinker.
  4. Moreover, in addition to pursuing strategic deployment of lawfare methods in key battlegrounds, the RNC should also deploy lawyers to monitor censorship on Big Tech platforms like Meta, Google, and Apple – which all but sabotaged the 2020 race, through both censorship and disinformation, for instance, by taking President Trump off social media platforms, and thereby suppressing his reach – to hundreds of millions of followers the world over.  In addition, these platforms – working in unlawful coordination with intelligence agencies, as has since been uncovered – censored stories like the infamous Hunter Biden laptop coverup story originally supposed to be published in the New York Post, which later polling suggested had an outcome determinative effect on the results of the 2020 race.  Lawyers should therefore be assigned as independent monitors to these platforms; and perhaps these lawyers should go one step further and even petition various courts for orders to appoint independent monitors of right-leaning lawyers. This would borrow a page from the Left’s playbook used in New York State with the adverse financial monitor, Barbara Jones, a former Clinton appointed judge, who was recently tapped by Judge Engoron to oversee the Trump organization.  Using that precedent, conservative lawyers might petition amiable judges to request special monitors to be appointed to oversee Big Tech platforms, like Facebook and Google, known to engage in election interference and subversion.  This, at the bare minimum, is something the RNC should seriously consider, as the Left has so masterfully deployed its own lawyers to scapegoat, demonetize, and silence the voice of political dissidents who break from the mainstream narrative for decades now.  It is time to turn the tables – and give the Left, who derive enjoyment from endlessly bullying their political opponents, a little taste of their own medicine.
  5. The RNC, working in close coordination with the Trump campaign, should appoint a state director – aligned wholeheartedly with MAGA – to vet, make recommendations to, and if necessary, apply political and financial pressure on, Republican state committees — in all states: red, blue, and purple — who are recalcitrant about embracing the Trump agenda and nominating MAGA-aligned candidates in state and federal races.  There should be multiple objectives for the RNC-appointed, Trump-aligned political director: one, ensure state committee resources, especially from the RNC and affiliated PACs, are being most efficiently and responsibly allocated.  This entails, first and foremost, allocating those resources towards voter registration efforts – as well as related, ballot harvesting and other procedures that will help maximize voter turnout come Election Day for President Trump.  Two, the RNC-appointed, Trump-aligned state director could act as a liaison between the state committee and national party.  Where the state committee might fall short, exemplified recently in New York State, by nominating guaranteed loser candidates such as Mazi Pilip, a registered Democrat, and Mike Sapraicone, who is running as a Republican for the senate race despite having donated tens of thousands of dollars to Letitia James, Andrew Cuomo, and other Democrats over just the past two years, then that liaison can – and should – control the funding for state committees, and apply indirect political pressure, whenever needed, on them through financial incentives.  In states like New York or even Georgia, for example, the political director could make recommendations to the State Party Chair (or Governor, in a state like Georgia where Brian Kemp has basically allowed Fani Willis’ witch-hunt there to take place without consequence, despite having power to shut it down immediately) and threaten to withhold national funds to the State Committee if the Chair does not remain totally in compliance with the Trump-aligned agenda of the newly revamped RNC.
  6. The RNC could also help get the ball rolling for planning the next administration – such as personnel vetting and brainstorming different ways to get confirmations for the highest quality personnel, particularly for the most important posts, such as Attorney General, White House Counsel, and Chief of Staff – all of whom will prove crucial in determining the agenda and success of the next Trump administration.  The RNC can also provide policy recommendations to Congress, and encourage Congress to pass legislation that would protect the rights of, for instance, January 6th defendants, release all undisclosed footage from that day, and take other actions that would help ease some of the political pressure, owing to the Biden regime’s constant witch-hunts, off President Trump and his campaign.  This includes the long overdue issuance of subpoenas to rogue D.A.’s like Fani Willis and Alvin Bragg, who have severely if not irreparably, damaged the rule of law in this country by opening the floodgates for investigations into political opponents and abusing their offices to carry out egregious criminal activity.  It might also include filing ethics complaints (or partnering with groups like the NCLU and CRA to do so) and creating select committees to investigate the Fani Willis and Arthur Engoron-types, who are shamelessly weaponizing the justice system for self-interested reasons, setting an extremely dangerous precedent that will, if left unchecked, sink our republic for good.

These are just a handful of necessary first steps that should be undertaken immediately by the new RNC leadership to help aid President Trump and his campaign in their efforts to ensure a fair election process this time around, and ultimately, a peaceful and orderly transition of power.  The RNC could be a powerful resource for the campaign – and the Republican Party at large – in both setting a national template for state parties and being proactive in deploying the resources it has in its arsenal to register voters, vet candidates, and give the MAGA movement a much-needed shot in the arm, to put the best foot forward.  This will ensure that the next Trump administration can focus its energies on Making America Great Again, and less on the infighting that took a lot of oxygen out of the first term, caused by the Paul Ryan-types, that proved a needless distraction.

Time is of the essence this go-around, and resources are limited, which is why the RNC must be fully aligned with President Trump here on out: such is long overdue, but necessary towards realizing MAGA to its absolute potential.  Time to make it happen.

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Paul Ingrassia is a Constitutional Scholar; a two-time Claremont Fellow, and is on the Board of Advisors of the New York Young Republican Club and the Italian American Civil Rights League. He writes a widely read Substack that is regularly re-truthed by President Trump. Follow him on X @PaulIngrassia, Substack, Truth Social, Instagram, and Rumble.

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