Older Female Student Brutally Assaults Seven-Year-Old Boy on Michigan School Bus While Adults Do Nothing – Victim’s Father Reveals Woke School then Hid the Video Footage From Him (VIDEO)

Credit: REAL News Michiana

Shocking footage captured on a cell phone shows the moment a vicious fifth-grade female student beat up a little boy on a school bus while the woke school the children attend kept the footage from the victim’s father.

As Real News Michiana (RNM) reported, the incident occurred in Niles, Michigan, on March 4 and involved Ballard Elementary School students. The video opens with the boy staring at his cell phone when the girl starts smacking him around for about nine seconds.

She pauses briefly after the kids, including the victim, start chattering. One taunts the seven-year-old, saying, “You just got beat up, little boy, shut up!”

At one point, the girl tells a friend to record. The seven-year-old boy reaches out to touch his assailant’s phone,

The girl beats him up again and tells him, “Don’t touch my phone,” and “Touch my sh*t again. I dare ya!”

The boy says, “Make me,” and reaches out again. The girl promptly responds by smacking him once more.


At various points in the video, you can hear shouting and profanity from several kids, in addition to the assailant. A few children also start giggling at roughly the 0:09 and 0:46 marks.

The adults on the school bus never intervene at any moment as the boy is pounded.

The boy’s father told RNM that he called the school district’s bus garage the very next day to obtain video footage. The district told him they were investigating the incident and promised to call him back.

But this never happened. The father told RNM he then called on Wednesday and Thursday before he saw the video of his son being assaulted online Thursday night.

The father also told RNM the school district has not allowed him to view video taken by cameras mounted within the school bus and that the girl who beat his son has had several discipline issues in the past, including being banned from riding the bus. The dad has removed his kids from Ballard Elementary School and is considering legal options.

RNM reveals that Jennifer Shabazz, principal of Ballard Elementary School in Niles, Michigan, has openly pushed Critical Race Theory along with radical gender theory concepts into the classroom.

From RNM:

In January of 2022, Shabazz helped create professional development training for teachers and staff at Niles Community Schools focused on radical Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory, pushing the sexualization of kids and separating children based on their race.

A list of the sessions for the training include: Talking to White Kids about Race, LGBTQ+ Terminology: A Primer, Gender Identity and Sexuality Student Panel, and Intersectionality and Circle of Privilege — to name a few.

The Niles Community Schools’ administration also handed out curriculum to teachers on how to indoctrinate children as young as 6-years-old into Critical Race Theory.

If the boy’s father decides to press ahead on the lawsuit, he should include more than just the assault in his filing.


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