NY Senate Candidate Cara Castronuova Gets Endorsement From January 6 Prisoners

Our homegrown hero at Gateway Pundit is making a valiant effort to push for the finish line in the Republican ballot access drive for NY Senator.

She joins J6 Patriot Jake Lang live from Brooklyn Federal Prison on The Political Prisoner Podcast for a powerful VIDEO interview!

Cara lays out her America First platform and how important this 2024 Senate race in NY is for the Country.


Cara has been on the front lines of the fight against political persecution for over three years now. She created the organization CAPP (Citizens Against Political Persecution) and she is taking that experience, along with her championship boxing talent, and hitting the streets of New York to campaign.


She is coming down the stretch with a fundraising effort in order to pay for the final round of petition canvassers.

Please visit her political donation page on WinRed to make a contribution. 

Jake is from NY State and shares that Cara is the ideal ‘heartfelt leader with integrity’ that New York doesn’t have in Kirsten Gillibrand. “You can win this, Cara; all we have to do is get you on the ballot!”

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Don’t forget to make a contribution to Cara’s campaign.

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