NEW LOW IN HOLLYWOOD: John Cena Introduces Best Costume Design Naked with a Big Placard Covering His Cojones at the Woke Oscars

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Professional wrestler and actor John Cena caused a stir at the Academy Awards on Sunday night when he presented the award for Best Costume Design wearing nothing but a placed placard that read “Costume Design” over his privates.

The stunt was a nod to the infamous 1974 Oscar streaking incident, where photographer and activist Robert Opel dashed across the stage naked, sparking both shock and laughter as David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor, Deadline reported.

The former WWE superstar, known for his iconic jean shorts or “jorts,” expressed discomfort with the skit.

“Dude, I don’t wrestle naked, I wrestle in jorts,” he protested to Kimmel, whose comeback was: “Jorts are worse than naked.”

Cena proceeded to the stage with the placard in hand, delivering a gasping monologue about the significance of costume design, only to feign difficulty in opening the winner’s envelope. Kimmel then took the reins, announcing the nominees and the eventual winner, “Poor Things,” for Best Costume Design.


The provocative display was met with significant criticism online, as audiences took to social media to express their discomfort and disapproval of the stunt. One user bluntly referred to the act as a “Humiliation ritual.”

“All that muscle and he’s still so easily manipulated by wokeness. Strong bulk matters not when what’s controlling it is so weak,” one tweet read.

Another user lamented the ideological divide: “We are in two different worlds at this point…truly. These creepy self-worshipping progressive ideologies have infiltrated everywhere, and Hollywood is a severe example. It’s sad to see Cena participating.”

“The chicom made him do it,” another user wrote.

It can be recalled that John Cena went on social media in 2021 to apologize profusely for calling the country of Taiwan a country. Cena and Hollywood continue to bow to their new overlords.

He made the apology in Chinese!

This is so shameful. And here we thought he was a Hollywood tough guy?


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