NEW: Lawyers for DEAD Boeing Whistleblower Question “SUICIDE” Narrative | Elijah Schaffer (VIDEO)

Welcome to The Gateway Pundit’s Week-in-Review with Elijah Schaffer where he covers the top 5 stories throughout the week in around 10 minutes.

STORY 1: JUST IN: Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead From “Self-Inflicted” Wound Days After Testifying Against Airplane Company

STORY 2: Lawyers For Boeing Whistleblower Found Dead in His Car as He Was About to Testify Against Aviation Giant Question Suicide Claim

STORY 3: ANOTHER AIRLINE DISASTER: Passengers Smash into the Ceiling After Boeing 787 Plane Nosedives Mid-Flight Due to “Technical Problem”- 50 Injured, 12 Hospitalized (VIDEO)

STORY 4: New Information on Liz Cheney’s Deceit and Perverse Actions Surrounding Events on Jan. 6 Raises Serious Calls for Her Arrest and Prosecution

STORY 5: NEW REPORT: Fani Willis Conspired with Liz Cheney’s Faux J6 Committee – J6 Committee Shared Video Recordings with Fani Willis But Then Deleted the Video to Prevent Republican Lawmakers from Gaining Access To It

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