Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison: We’re Investigating Automakers for Making Cars That Are ‘Too Easy’ for Young People to Steal (VIDEO)

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, far left Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said that he is investigating two major automakers for making cars that are too easy for young people to steal.

This is the sort of backwards thinking that the left is forcing on the rest of the country.

They don’t want to charge criminals for stealing cars, they want to attack the car makers for making the cars too easy to steal. It’s really amazing that Ellison can go on national TV and say this with a straight face.

RedState reports:

We’ve seen a lot of bad approaches to crime from those on the left, particularly from progressive prosecutors who seem to want to upend the enforcement of the law. We’ve been seeing it a lot lately — people who are let out who never should have been let out and then go on to commit horrific crimes.

There’s a frequent failure to hold bad actors responsible. We see in the cases of gun crimes, for example, where the fault somehow is on the gun, the NRA, or the Republican Party rather than on the bad actor and the people who haven’t held him responsible in the past for his bad acts. Somehow, it’s the evil gun’s fault.

Now we have another entrant into this bizarre kind of thinking from Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison…

“But we have to go upstream, and we got to make sure that the automobiles are not so easy to steal that they are a tempting, attractive nuisance for young people. Right now we are investigating two major automakers because their cars are dramatically too easy to steal for young people,” he claimed.

Watch the clip below:

If someone burns down a house, do you go after the person who built the house for making it too easy to burn down?

If that makes sense to you, you might be a leftist.

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