JUST IN: House Passes Laken Riley Act – 170 America-Hating Democrats Vote Against Bill

Credit: Laken Riley Facebook/Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

The House of Representatives on Thursday voted 251-170 to approve H.R. 7511, dubbed the ‘Laken Riley Act.’

170 House Democrats voted against the Laken Riley Act. Democrats hate Americans.

The bill requires ICE to arrest and detain illegal aliens like Laken Riley’s murderer until they are removed from the US.

“Democrats don’t care about your safety,” House Republicans said.

Georgia GOP lawmaker Mike Collins urged Representatives to vote for the bill.


The bill was named after 22-year-old Laken Riley, a University of Georgia student who was recently murdered by a Venezuelan illegal.

The illegal alien who murdered Laken Riley crossed into the US on Biden’s open border invitation.

According to an affidavit unsealed, the barbaric savage who murdered Laken Riley “disfigured her skull.”

Joe Biden won’t even say Laken Riley’s name.

“Mr. President, do you bear any responsibility for Laken Riley’s death!?” someone shouted at Biden during his visit to Brownsville, Texas last week.

Biden callously shuffled away.


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