Joe Biden’s Handlers Frantically REMOVE PRESS After Biden Once Again Lies About Almost Losing His Home, Cat and Corvette to Fire (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to Saginaw, Michigan to participate in a campaign event, but the press was frozen out.

He looked lost as usual.


Biden falsely claimed “saved my wife, saved my cat, and saved my Corvette” in a housefire.

“You know what? All kidding aside, my fire department saved my life,” Biden said. “They saved my wife…and my Corvette and cat…”

Biden has told a version of this lie many times.

It turns out the house didn’t burn down.

In 2004 lightning struck Biden’s home, starting a small kitchen fire (who hasn’t had a small kitchen fire?) – Jill reported the small fire and it was under control in 20 minutes.

Even WaPo’s ‘fact-checker’ Glenn Kessler has called out Joe Biden for this egregious lie.

Biden’s handlers frantically shooed away the press after Biden repeated the debunked story about firefighters saving his cat and Corvette from a house fire.

“Can I take a couple questions?” a reporter shouted at Biden.

Biden’s handlers shouted at the press and shut them out.


According to a pool report, Biden’s campaign did not provide any audio amplification at the campaign stop and kept the press away.

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