It’s The Perfect Storm: Drivers Licenses for Illegals + Noncitizens Voting + Mail-in Ballots + Private Funding of Elections + Partisan Hack SOSs

The Perfect Storm Explained: Drivers Licenses for Illegals + Noncitizen Voting + Mail-in Ballots + Private Funding of Elections + Partisan Hack SOSs

Does undocumented immigrant mean illegal alien?

If you hesitated before answering yes, you are a victim of progressive doublespeak. Undocumented immigrants are illegal aliens. Noncitizens, whether here legally or illegally, are not allowed to vote in our nation’s elections. It’s a felony for noncitizens to vote, and the U.S. and state constitutions clearly prohibit foreigners from voting. Even so, “The Department of Justice appears to be using taxpayer dollars to have jails and the U.S. Marshals Service encourage incarcerated felons and noncitizens to register to vote,” stated a letter to the DOJ from Mississippi’s leading election official, Secretary of State Michael Watson (R).

Secretary Watson’s letter, dated March 6, to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland also said,

“It is quite shocking, in the midst of a crisis at our southern border and an unprecedented crime wave, that the Biden administration has chosen to expend tax dollars and vital law enforcement resources on a program that risks bloating state voter rolls with ineligible and non-citizen voters.”

The Federalist connected the dots to President Biden’s Executive Order 14019, and its headline read, “DOJ Is Using Bidenbucks To Encourage Illegals And Felons To Vote, Says Mississippi Secretary Of State.” The EO, issued in March 2021, ordered “hundreds of federal agencies to interfere in state and local election administration by using U.S. taxpayer money to boost voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities,” Federalist author Shawn Fleetwood wrote.

“Our understanding is that everyone in the Marshals’ custody is given a form advising them of their right to register and vote,” Secretary Watson’s letter said, according to Fox News.

“Providing ineligible non-citizens with information on how to register to vote undoubtedly encourages them to illegally register to vote, exposing them to legal jeopardy beyond their immigration status.”

To any wishful thinker who would like to attribute the consequences of Biden’s EO and Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s subsequent statewide EO to ignorance or poor judgment: Think again. According to an article in the Midwesterner, an illegal group claims credit for flipping the Michigan state House, and as a payoff, the party in power will seek to approve driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

Buried deep in President Biden’s State of the Union Address, he touched on the border crisis and referred to the alleged brutal killer of Laken Riley as an “illegal.” Later, the president expressed regret for his choice of words. “I shouldn’t have said ‘illegal.’ It’s undocumented.” 

Illegal, undocumented. Potato, potato.

Why the euphemism?

Words matter. The phrase, illegal alien, speaks for itself. No one of sound mind would think that illegal aliens should vote in our elections. Undocumented immigrants well, an apolitical person might falsely assume undocumented immigrants are simply missing some papers. We all can relate to being held hostage by some puffed-up bureaucrat demanding useless paperwork. (Try opening a U.S. Post Office box if you’re unfamiliar with this blood-pressure-spiking sensation.)

It’s about money, power…and ballots.

Vivek Ramaswamy attributed the law-breaking to a deliberate and coordinated effort to change the electorate to win elections. During a March 7 interview with Laura Ingraham at Fox News, the former presidential candidate said,

“In principle, election integrity, voter ID at the ballot box, and the issue of illegal immigration or border security are two separate issues. But what is remarkable is that the very people who favor porous borders or poor border security are also the ones who favor lowered requirements for voting.”

Vivek pointed out, “Election integrity and illegal immigration have become intertwined” and are “intimately linked….It’s also a long-run play….No one voted for this.”

“A nation without borders is not a nation,” Ramaswamy said. “Most people agree on that. It’s up to us to step up and make that our vision.”

Rearing its head in Michigan

Tudor Dixon, former gubernatorial candidate, tweeted an article on March 10 in which she said,

“Everyone knows the first step to destroying democracy is to give illegals driver’s licenses and open the door to non-citizens voting in our elections.”

Dixon then alleged a quid pro quo had taken place in the newly elected Democrat MI State Rep. Betsy Coffia’s election campaign. “Illegals organized your election ground game and got you elected in exchange for driver’s licenses.”

Dixon said funding allowed the two entities to hire a significant number of people, including a 6-person communications team.

A listing on the We the People Action Fund website said it was also adding a cultural strategist, Detroit organizer, and southeast Michigan lead organizer.

Two of Coffia’s colleagues, Nelly Fuentes and Diego Navarrete, at We The People Michigan, explained how the nonprofits used the driver’s license issue to chase votes for Coffia and Joey Andrews. They wrote at Forge Organizing:

Two representatives are now heading to Lansing, put into power by the organizing efforts of undocumented immigrants who have committed to fighting for driver’s licenses on day one. Through sustained, long-term organizing in rural communities, undocumented folks in Michigan are demonstrating that we ultimately wield the power to effect change and can use elections as a powerful tool in winning campaigns for our rights.

Coffia won by just over 700 votes, while Andrews won by about 1,500.

Michigan’s HB 4410, the Drive SAFE Act, was introduced on April 13, 2023, and referred to the House Regulatory Reform Committee.

Though once pooh-poohed as a conspiracy theory, increasing evidence indicates that foreign entities, corrupt politicians, and progressive nonprofits are actively recruiting noncitizens to vote in U.S. elections.

Stay tuned.

Despite the mind-blowing affront to common sense, it appears that progressive activists are also encouraging foreigners residing outside our nation’s borders to vote. (More to come on the Uniformed and Overseas Civilian American Voters Act, UOCAVA)

A guest post by Patrice Johnson.

Patrice Johnson chairs Michigan Fair Elections (MFE) and Pure Integrity Michigan Elections (PIME). A former teacher, she has founded five successful companies and served as a senior executive with a Fortune 100 technology company. In 2017, she authored the book The Fall and Rise of Tyler Johnson, which was the basis of a PBS documentary film, Finding Tyler. Questions or comments? Contact [email protected].


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