It’s Obama… The New York Times Admits Obama is Running the Deal — Steve Bannon Weighs In on What We Already Knew (VIDEO)

The fake news New York Times said the quiet part out loud today.

Steve Bannon has made bold claims regarding Barack Obama’s involvement in efforts to undermine former President Donald Trump.

According to Bannon, a recent New York Times article by Katie Rogers provides groundbreaking insight into Obama’s behind-the-scenes activities, suggesting a direct link between Biden and current actions against Trump.

Via The War Room:

Steve Bannon: They think they got one shot, and that shot is the one that they didn’t want to take because it’s the most outrageous and stupid of all. And they’ve got the… They filled it their worst team to do it, a bragg in the Clown Show up in New York City. But they got Matthew Colongio. The judge came out yesterday and put a gag on a Trump. Well, you can gag Trump all you want because you’re not going to gag war room. You’re not going to gag. We’re the ones that came up with this. Matthew Colongio. It’s a hard wire.

There’s a hard wire between the Obama apparatus through the White House and this take down Trump. Hey, this ain’t me saying it. This is not little War Room. This is the paper of our beloved Republic, the New York Times Today, blockbuster story, Katie Rogers. Good Good going, Katie. Katie Rogers has a blockbuster story. Guess what? Obama’s running the deal. This is not War Room or Gateway Pundit. Revolver didn’t come up with this. Matt Boyle didn’t break it. It’s The New York Times. The New York freaking Times puts it all out there. It’s Obama and how Obama has never really been a fan of Biden’s.

But he’s got to save the transformation of this country. If he called it, this is all Obama’s deal. Jack Pasobe and these guys have said for years, Obama’s running the deal. These guys are right here running the deal. Katie Rogers puts it right out. Obama is directly calling staffers in the White House. I want you to think about that. Obama is directly According to the New York Times, Katie Rogers, he’s directly calling folks in the White House, giving them orders, say, How’s it going? Hey, have you thought about this? They Now, think about that for a second.

A former president is calling into the White House, talking to the chief of staff and talking to other guys, Hey, I think we’re going to be thinking about this. And he’s the one that had two lunches, went to the White House twice in the last couple of months to tell Biden, Yo, bro, this guy’s going to kick your butt. You got to get focused here because Trump and Magher are coming.


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