Irish Referendum Changes on the Constitution Are Soundly Defeated, Showing the Disconnect Between Liberal Government Policies and the Population

The Irish people just gave the world another lesson about how much they value and protect their constitution.

Earlier, Ben Kew reported here on TGP about how Leftists Defeated in Referendum to ‘Modernize’ Irish Constitution, Undermine Family Values.

After the defeat of the two proposed changes today, no less than 13 different proposals have been rejected in referendums.

The vote can also be seen as a reaction by voters to the disconnect between the present government and the feelings of the general population.

The changes on the 39th amendment to the Constitution – the family amendment – were rejected by 67 per cent of voters, while in the still ongoing counting of the ‘care referendum’, the no vote stands at almost 74 per cent.

The Irish Government has already conceded defeat in both referendums hours before counts were completed.

Irish Times reported:

“Taoiseach [Prime Minister] Leo Varadkar said it was clear that the two referendums were ‘defeated comprehensively’, while Tánaiste [deputy PM] Micheál Martin said a majority of voters ‘were not persuaded by the arguments for changing the Constitution in this way’.”

The referendum failed to heavily mobilize voters, as the national turnout was slightly over 44 percent.

“In the referendums, the Government proposed expanding the definition of family in the Constitution to recognize ‘durable relationships’, such as cohabiting couples and their children, and replacing the language around “women in the home” with language recognizing care within families.”

Leader of the Aontú party, Peadar Tóibín:

“The government parties are operating in a bubble and are not listening to the people, which is dangerous in a democracy. Sinn Féin has also again misjudged the mood of their supporters and the Sinn Féin leadership seems to have marooned themselves from their support base on a number of issues.”

Irish Times political correspondent Jennifer Bray:

“As ballot boxes were opened around the country on Saturday morning, it quickly became clear that the proposed constitutional amendments on care and family were going to be defeated. The proposals had the backing of the three Government parties as well as Sinn Féin, most of the Opposition and a range of well-known campaign groups. However, those endorsements, albeit qualified in several cases, counted for little in a campaign that failed to capture the attention of much of the public.”

About 1,1M people cast a no vote, while 487k voted yes. There was no obvious rural and urban divide when voters took to the polls, as is usually the case.

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