HUMILIATION: Dementia Joe’s SOTU Address Receives Worst Polling in Past Quarter Century

Joe Biden resorted to angry outbursts during his SOTU Address on Thursday night.

While the left salivated over Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, the polling numbers tell a different story.

Even the far-left Washington Post has acknowledged that the figures do not match up to the hype.

In a report on Friday, the paper admitted that while the left vociferously praised Biden’s divisive, rambling and angry speech, it is “not so clear the American public saw the home run that they did.”

The report noted:

Democrats would like to believe that President Biden changed the 2024 game with his State of the Union address Thursday night, demonstrating verve and combativeness amid concerns about his age and mental acuity.

Biden’s campaign and some media outlets have pointed to a post-speech instant CNN poll showing 65 percent of viewers offered a positive review of Biden’s speech. Viewers also shifted 17 points toward believing the country is headed in the right direction — from 45 percent before the speech to 62 percent afterward.

It went on to explain that these positive polling numbers are somewhat of a red herring:

What’s also true is that State of the Union speeches almost always receive strongly favorable views, in part because viewership tends to draw disproportionately from their allies.

The 65 percent who had a positive view of the speech was actually lower than any such speech CNN has polled in the past quarter-century — the previous low being Donald Trump’s 2018 address (70 percent).

And the 35 percent who offered a “very” positive review was effectively tied with Biden’s speech last year (34 percent) for the lowest on record. The next lowest were Biden’s 2022 speech and George W. Bush’s 2007 speech, which each earned “very” positive marks from 41 percent of viewers.

The speech, which involved Biden repeatedly falsely claiming success over issues on which he has dismally failed, was best summarized by Tucker Carlson over on the X platform.

“Joe Biden is actually a cruel and vicious demagogue,” he explained. “A man who has no problem at all denouncing his fellow Americans and putting his political opponents in prison as he has done.

“That was possibly the darkest, most un-American speech ever given by an American president,” he continued. “In fact, it wasn’t a speech, it was a rant, entirely lacking in decency or generosity to his fellow Americans.”

Donald Trump also weighed in on Biden’s efforts, describing the 81-year-old as a “psycho.”

“Biden’s speech last night is getting “panned” all over the World. Only the Radical Left lunatics are trying to make the best of it,” Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“It took him 41 minutes to talk, briefly, about Immigration and the Border, on the topic of which he was very weak. No talk of weaponization against his very calm and nice opponent. Angry as hell, this guy is a PSYCHO!”


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