Homeless Camps in Austin, Texas Leaving Behind Mountains of Garbage in Popular Green Space by Creek (VIDEO)

Like many other American cities, Austin, Texas is dealing with a growing homelessness problem.

A video circulating on social media shows one woodsy area that is popular with residents, absolutely overwhelmed by garbage, clothing, old furniture and other debris.

Some locals claim that the garbage is even finding its way into a nearby creek.

FOX News reported:

Debris from Austin homeless encampment falling into creek: ‘Insanity’

An Austin, Texas resident who has been documenting the city’s homeless crisis shared a video Wednesday showing a greenbelt destroyed by a homeless encampment.

The Barton Creek Greenbelt in South Austin, lies along Barton Creek and connects to Barton Springs Pool – a popular area frequented by city residents.

Jamie Hammond, who uploads videos under the “Documenting Austin’s Streets and Homeless” account, said the greenbelt has gotten “so bad.” He said trash and debris from the encampment – including waste and needles – were falling into Barton Creek, which flows toward Barton Springs.

“If this doesn’t upset people, nothing will,” Hammond said in the video, while touring the wreckage. “Insanity.”

Last month, Hammond partnered with the group Nomadik to develop an AI interactive map, documenting the city’s homeless crisis. The map vividly depicts where homeless encampments are concentrated throughout the city.

On Thursday, a brush fire broke out at the same encampment.

See the video below:

Where are all the liberals who claim to care about the environment?

It’s heartbreaking to see what has been done to this area.


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