Harris County DA Kim Ogg Initially Not Able to Vote – Harris County Explanation Raises a HUGE Red-Flag!

Harris County TX District Attorney Kim Ogg showed up to vote in today’s Super Tuesday primary, in which she is a candidate, only to be told that she had already cast a ballot.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Ogg’s partner allegedly cast a ballot in her name during early voting:


The explanation that they have the same address and that the partner failed to validate the name implies catastrophic failures of the poll-worker checking her partner in, as well as her partner for not catching it on the verification.  But most importantly, the E-pollbook itself.

Especially considering the ContentActive E-pollbooks Harris County uses scan your drivers license when a voter checks in.  From their website:

The Electronic Pollbook Voter Registration and Check-In system provides a convenient and secure voter check-in solution using barcode scanning technology used to scan drivers license for the voters of Harris County, Texas

Further, the statement that “the vote that DA Ogg’s partner cast has been transferred to her own name” would raise some serious questions about the capabilities of the machines and who has that type of access.  If an election judge (poll-worker) or poll-manager was able to simply transfer the assignment of a vote, this would imply that the vote was assigned to someone’s name or a designating feature.

But Harris County retracted that statement and issued a correction, which is even more concerning:

“Clarification:  the poll book has been corrected to make it possible for DA Ogg to vote.  It is NOT a transfer of a vote.”

According to Chris Daniel on X, a former Harris County District Clerk, “I can tell you the existing system requires a 3-step verification.  Very difficult to create this error accidentally.”



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