Disgusting: Exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum in London Places Margaret Thatcher with Hitler and Bin Laden as Modern ‘Villain’

Margaret Thatcher

An exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is under fire after placing conservative hero and icon Margaret Thatcher aside Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden as a ‘contemporary villain, placed in the same light as a murderous dictator and a violent terrorist.

Metro UK reports:

The former prime minister is mentioned as part of an exhibition called Laughing Matters: The State of the Empire, which looks at the role of humour in relation to ‘identity, empire and power over the last two hundred years’.

Under a set of Punch and Judy puppets, a caption reads: ‘Over the years, the evil character in this seaside puppet show has shifted from the Devil to unpopular public figures including Adolf Hitler, Margaret Thatcher and Osama bin Laden to offer contemporary villains.’

Elsewhere in the display, there’s also a puppet of the late Baroness from the popular satirical TV show Spitting Image – although there was no further reference to her supposed villainous ways.

After calls for defunding their, the V&A said it would review the text and update the wording “if necessary.”


Nile Gardiner, a former aide to Thatcher, defended her legacy in a heated debate with author Jeni Barnett.

Lady Thatcher had a wonderful way of dealing with the far left and socialists. She called them out and mocked them.

Let us never forget this woman’s courage and skill.


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