OAN Retracts Report on Avenatti Accusing Michael Cohen of Having Affair With Stormy Daniels

One America News retracted a story on Monday that accused Michael Cohen of having an affair with stripper Stormy Daniels.

The story was based on a tweet by Tony Seruga

 Seruga claimed Cohen had an affair with Stormy.

One America News retracted their story on Monday.

Via CNN.

Cohen and Daniels are both key witnesses against Trump in his ongoing New York state criminal trial. Trump is accused of falsifying business records to cover-up the $130,000 payment that Daniels received so she wouldn’t publicly reveal their alleged affair before the 2016 election.

Trump has pleaded not guilty and denies the affair.

The announcement from OAN contained a public apology to Cohen “for any harm the publication may have caused him” and said that the network “regrets” publishing the “false” allegations about a Cohen-Daniel affair, which they both denied. The network said the story would be removed from its website and social media accounts.

The retraction did not include a financial payment, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Note: This report was updated to note that the original claim by Seruga was baseless.


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