BREAKING: Nikki Haley Exits Presidential Race – Does NOT Endorse Trump!

Nikki Haley suspended her campaign in a speech this morning.

This leaves President Trump as the lone major candidate remaining in the race.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Haley delivered brief remarks in the Charleston area around 10 AM ET. This decision comes after her catastrophic failure on Super Tuesday, where she only won the state of Vermont thanks to Democrat votes.

CNN confirmed the Wall Street Journal’s reporting on Haley’s departure from the Presidential race.

Moreover, Haley did NOT endorse President Trump. She instead demanded Trump earn the support of the RINOS, Independents, and Democrats who backed her.

She even had the gall to invoke the late, great Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher in her speech!

During a disasterous appearance on FOX and Friends yesterday, Haley said she had not heard Trump “pledge to me that he would support me if I won, so I don’t know why I have to go and pledge to him that I would support him.”

The Journal also noted this morning, Haley emphasized in her interventionist foreign policies and old-line Republican policies on domestic issues as expected.

This news should not come as a surprise because as Jim Hoft previously reported, Haley had no future campaign rallies listed on her website

This is a breaking news story. Check back with the Gateway Pundit for updates.


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