BREAKING: Chaos Unfolds as BLM Mob Chases and Threatens Attendees at Kyle Rittenhouse Speech in Tennessee (VIDEOS)

An angry Black Lives Matter mob chased and menaced conservatives attending a Turning Point USA event at the University of Memphis featuring Kyle Rittenhouse on Wednesday evening.

The crowd was caught on video hitting and spitting on cars of attendees as they left.

Reporter Julio Rosas posted videos from the event on X and wrote that “police had to prevent the hostile crowd from physically attacking” the attendees.

“Protestors at the event with Kyle Rittenhouse at the University of Memphis seen hitting and spitting on cars as they leave. They also attempted to block cars from leaving,” Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk wrote in a post on X.

Protesters also reserved tickets to the event and walked out a minute into Rittenhouse’s speech.

According to Kirk, the university forced TPUSA to change its ticketing system on the event day, claiming it wanted to ensure “fair and equitable” ticketing.

“This means the hundreds of students who thought they had tickets will not get in. This has never happened at one of our events,” Kirk wrote.

Additionally, Kirk said, “Protester groups were somehow tipped off about the school’s new ticketing system and the timing of when they’d be made available, allowing them to reserve large numbers of tickets to stage a walk out. We know this because our students are also in those group chats and alerted us. This also has never happened before.”

Kirk wrote that the protesters began by chanting, “Lock his ass up,” and later changed to the more violent, “F-ck his ass up.”


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