WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Suggests ‘Non-Police Response’ to Emergencies (VIDEO)

The city of Chicago is discontinuing the use of a gunshot detection technology service called ‘ShotSpotter’ this year. When questioned this week about what will take its place, Johnson suggested that there may be some emergency situations that could get a ‘non-police’ response.

This concept has disaster written all over it. Johnson singled out mental health emergencies as an example, but any law enforcement officer will tell you that these situations are dangerous because you never know what you’re walking into. Is the person armed? High on drugs or drunk?

All this will do is make the city less safe for the people. It’s exactly the wrong thing to do.

The Associated Press reported:

Chicago’s contract with SoundThinking, a public safety technology company that says its ShotSpotter tool is used in roughly 150 cities, expires Friday. The city plans to wind down use of ShotSpotter technology by late September, according to city officials. Since 2018, the city has spent $49 million on ShotSpotter.

“Chicago will deploy its resources on the most effective strategies and tactics proven to accelerate the current downward trend in violent crime,” the city said in a statement. “Doing this work, in consultation with community, violence prevention organizations and law enforcement, provides a pathway to a better, stronger, safer Chicago for all.”

Johnson’s office said that during the interim period, law enforcement and community safety groups would “assess tools and programs that effectively increase both safety and trust,” and issue recommendations.

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Chicago ousted former mayor Lori Lightfoot because things weren’t going well in the Windy City. They elected a guy pretty open about his love of communism, Brandon Johnson. And things are going even worse than before, and that’s reflected in his tanking polling numbers…

And now it gets even worse: he wants a ‘non-police response’ to emergencies. Sending social workers to crime scenes doesn’t end well for anyone.

Watch the video below:

It’s astounding that the people of Chicago are putting up with this.


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